Boo Who by Rene Gutteridge

Welcome to Tuesday of Rene Gutteridge Week! That’s #RGWeek to the Twitter savvy.) I hope you’re enjoying it so far; there’s a bunch more fun to come.

Word Lily review

Boo Who by Rene Gutteridge, book 2 in the Boo series (WaterBrook, 2004), 352 pages

Since the town’s claim-to-fame (and claim-to-tourism) bestselling horror novelist became a Christian and quit writing horror, Skary, Indiana is no fumbling about, looking for a way to survive, a new way to self-identify.

A fun follow-up to Boo [my review]! This is certainly not surprising, though, because Gutteridge is great. (It’s been awhile since I read this, so I apologize if this review is a bit fuzzy.)

Rene Gutteridge Week 2011,

Many of the characters aren’t really believable, but that’s part of where the humor comes from — aside from the straight-faced puns. I don’t think I enjoyed this one as much as I remember liking the first installment, but I’ll still be reading the rest of the series. In fact, I’m reading the next book, Boo Hiss, as I write this, so I can read Boo Humbug, the series’ conclusion, yet this Christmas season. In addition, I’m looking forward to digging into her Possession, which I thought was going to be released in January 2011 but is apparently available now.

Gutteridge has recently been writing some more drama/thriller-type books, but so far the ones I love the most are the funny ones. As much as I love happy, funny books, good ones are really rare, especially in Christian fiction (or so it seems to me). And Gutteridge is definitely one of the best!


What authors have inspired you to read their entire catalog?

About the author
Rene Gutteridge started a blog earlier this year, but she doesn’t post much. She lives in Oklahoma with her family.

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