Sunday bullets

• I’m afraid I’m becoming a weekend blogger. Since my husband started his new full-time job at the beginning of the month, basically all of my [scant] posts have been composed and scheduled over the weekends. Which doesn’t really make sense, because when it’s the weekend, he’s home! Why am I blogging then?

• I’ve only rarely (and never really long-term) been in the position of staying home while my husband goes off to a full-time, off-site job, so this is mostly new to me, and I’m (we’re) still adjusting. I’ve yet to find a routine that works. It’s not that I don’t have responsibilities; I do. I work part-time from home, and I’m in the process of starting something else that will hopefully bring in some income. This in addition to tasks around the house. It’s certainly not a matter of not having anything to fill my days — by no means!

• I’m starting to think / realize that although I enjoy reading fantasy, I rarely like the covers. In fact, they’re usually turn offs. Why is that, I wonder?

• I’m excited about a few fiber arts ideas I have. I think I may have even figured out a small bridge between my bookish pursuits and my fiber!

• This post isn’t really going anywhere, sorry.

• I might finally finish Middlemarch this week. I’ve been getting 30 or so pages read a day pretty reliably, and I’ve got less than 200 pages left. Hooray!

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13 responses to “Sunday bullets

  1. Good morning Hannah!

    Sounds like you are busy – I am curious about what your “something else” may be! 🙂

    YAY for the Middlemarch progress!

  2. I find that I don’t blog when my guy is around, so I always take some time when he is gone to write a couple posts. Sometimes I manage to be organized enough to do the whole week… Other times I miss a couple days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t blog much. Hopefully you will get in the swing of things, soon! Best of luck with your ‘something else’. 🙂

    And congrats on Middlemarch. I am reading The Three Musketeers, is finishing that an accomplishment? I admit since it is my eReader I can’t remember how long the book is to begin with!

  3. I’m finding blogging to be really hard lately. It’s not for lack of things I want to write about, it’s just that writing a post a day…sometimes for more than one blog seems like an incredibly huge goal. How did I ever do this regularly?

    And yay for finishing Middlemarch!!!

  4. I like bullet-point posts! 🙂 I like fantasy, too, but usually the cover art is cheesy. One exception- Kristin Cashore’s Graceling and Fire – loved those covers.

    Hope you have a wonderful week, Hannah!

  5. I found it a difficult adjustment when I stopped working full-time and my husband starting working more! You’ll find yourself finding all kinds of ways to fill time 🙂

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