Mystery March

mystery letters

I’m reading mysteries in March!

Sure, the alliteration is nice (isn’t it?), but that’s not the only reason. Here are a few more:

  1. I’ve been craving this kind of read for literally months now and I haven’t let myself. When I first started feeling this way, I couldn’t succumb (other commitments) and then I somehow kept putting it off.
  2. The Mad for Maisie read-along! (Messenger of Truth discussion starts February 28, so I’ll be getting a little bit of an early start on things, even! Other Maisie Dobbs discussion dates in March: An Incomplete Revenge on March 14 and Among the Mad starts March 28.)
  3. In preparation for Jen’s Moonlighting for Murder crime fiction theme week, April 3-9.
  4. Books fitting this designation are piling up on my shelves!
  5. Mystery March books

    Just a few of the books weighing down my to-be-read shelf, as well as my heart, that fit this aim. I hope to read a ton of these in March!

  6. And I can’t forget that at least two of the books My Friend Amy challenged me to read in 2011 fit nicely in this category.

Well, those are my reasons. (For now. I may think of more later.) Want to join me? I’d be thrilled to have company in this quest! And even if you don’t have a long-as-your-arm list of reasons to read along, it doesn’t matter. Do it for fun!


  • For my purposes, mystery is a catch-all term and includes cozy mysteries, police procedurals, legal thrillers, detective stories, gothic mysteries, historical mysteries, espionage, crime fiction, psychological thrillers, medical thrillers and political thrillers. I’m using broad strokes here, people, not being nit-picky.
  • I’m not necessarily promising to review all of the mysteries I read in March in March (or at all). This is a reading challenge adventure, not a reviewing challenge adventure.

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2 responses to “Mystery March

  1. I wish I could join you. This sounds good. I love mysteries and have tons of them piling up, including a few I see on your shelf (Gerritsen, George and French). However, I have to fulfill all review obligations before the baby comes at the end of March and then who knows how long before I can pick up another book. Anyway, have fun as it certainly looks like fun month.

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