From the Dyelab: Sneak peek

Word Lily spins
[Well, it’s about spinning fiber, does that count?]

I’ve been dyeing. I was holding off telling you, waiting to do a big reveal — just the right moment — but I can’t contain it any longer.

Just a bit of the wool I've dyed.

This is so much fun!

What is/are your favorite color(s)?

Fiber Arts Friday

Check out the Fiber Arts Friday roundup at Wisdom Begins in Wonder to see what other people are crafting this week.


36 responses to “From the Dyelab: Sneak peek

  1. Those are awesome colors you made!!!
    Isn’t it fun to dye…
    if you like doing sold colors then you will love doing painting & kettle dyeing ..

  2. Beautiful! (you fiber tease!!!) I’m excited to see where you are headed with this!

  3. The colors are beautiful!

  4. So pretty! You do the dying yourself?

  5. Those colors are awesome – every one tulip-like, except the blue. Wish someone would come up with a blue tulip. I’d love that!

    Happy fiber arts Friday.

  6. Amazing colors… so vibrant!

  7. Such yummy colors! They feel like summer to me!

  8. WOW!!!! So pretty. Vibrant is the word mom and I used when we saw them. Very pretty. No wonder you could not keep it to yourself any longer.

  9. Wow, beautiful job! I can’t wait to see it spun. Do you have an idea what ply etc you will be making it into? Or what you want to make with it once you’ve spun it?

  10. That is GORGEOUS, and I’m not one to throw capital letters around. Wow. Thanks for sharing it — I’ll be back for sure to see how it turns out when it’s all grown up and spun. 🙂

  11. Colors are sooo pretty, I think I like the peach/orange best! thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  12. Wonderful colors!! (I love the green, yellow and orange.)
    Your blog is great…you’re a word lover, too, I see!

  13. Those colorways are GORGEOUS. I love the orange and the yellow, they feel like spring!!

  14. Well, I would have to say out of that beautiful stack of fiber the blue speaks to me most… it looks like a Crisp Colorado Blue Sky… with a few fuschia tulips and yellow daffodiles spinkled about. 🙂

  15. Oh, those are beautiful! I think that fabulous pinky-sherbet-orange right on top is my favorite, I just want to wrap it around my hand and stare at it for a while. And then maybe turn it into something needle-felted.

  16. The blue is my favorite. They’re all very nice, though. I love to spin, and I have dyed some, with Kool-aid and Jacquard Acid. Glad you’re enjoying it!

  17. Beautiful colors! Your Green on the bottom really catches my eyes.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  18. The blue and the magenta are my favorites. The magenta wants to be knit up into something flashy and bold, with lots of sparkly something-or-others added into it. (or so I picture it…)

  19. Beautiful!

  20. Wow! Those are gorgeous! I’m so impressed!

  21. Sounds like fun! I love that bright pink colour 🙂

  22. Those are sensational colors! I love every each one of them!

  23. Oh my! What glorious colors! Just think of all the wonderful items that those colors will fill with cheer!

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