Lent 10: Health — life expectancy

True Grit: Women Taking On the World, for God's Sake

Tuberculosis is the single biggest killer of young women worldwide. Over 900 million females, most between the ages of 15 and 44, are infected; 1 million will die and 2.5 million more will get sick this year. In some parts of the world, the stigma attached to TB leads to isolation, abandonment and divorce.

Wondering what this is all about? Read my post explaining why and how I’m commemorating Lent this year.

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2 responses to “Lent 10: Health — life expectancy

  1. I’m appalled by just the tidbits you’ve shared from the book. Sobering. Appalling. Thank you for reminding us, and I join you in prayer for the things that we are too comfortable forgetting. May the Lord have mercy on them in their suffering and on us for our apatheticism.

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