Lent 20: Religious slaves

True Grit: Women Taking On the World, for God's Sake

Parents in southern India and Nepal continue to ‘marry’ their 5- to 7-year-old daughters to a Hindu god or temple. They hope this will appease the deity or bring favor. In the past these girls, sometimes called Devadasis, served as sacred temple slaves or dancers. Once they reached puberty they provided sexual services to any male who was her social superior.
Today’s temple slaves are used until the priests tire of them, and then sold to the highest bidder as child concubines. Eventually the girls (and any children they conceive) are turned out on to the streets to survive any way they can. Still ‘married to the gods,’ they may never marry anyone else. Most are forced into brothels, their distinctive bangles and pendants declaring their original status as temple

Wondering what this is all about? Read my post explaining why and how I’m commemorating Lent this year.

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6 responses to “Lent 20: Religious slaves

  1. That is horrible, I have never thought this was acceptable because now these young children are scared for life.

  2. OMG this breaks my heart. Are there any agencies in india working to fight this?

  3. That is pretty, down right tragic. Again, this is terribly heartbreaking but still a good reminder and awakening.

  4. I am catching up on your True Grit Posts as I can. I can see this as a book you can not just read through… each little piece you put up here daily tugs at my heart.

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