Mini-challenge winner (and my lily)

I loved seeing the results of all your paper folding! The winner of my mini-challenge is:

Shannon @ BooksDevoured, who got her kids involved in the fun, too! Together, they made a butterfly, a boat and a dog.

Congratulations, Shannon!!! Check the Readathon site for instructions on how to claim your prize.

Here’s what I made:

WordLily's Lily

Posed on the book the lily's crafted from.


Check the comments on my original post to see everyone else’s paper-folding fun!

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7 responses to “Mini-challenge winner (and my lily)

  1. BooksDevoured

    Oh My Gosh! Yay! Thanks so much! We really had so much fun making them!

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  3. Yours looks really good Hannah!

  4. What fun! Congratulations to Shannon!

  5. What a great mini challenge! I’m sorry I missed the read-a-thon this time around. Love the lily 🙂

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