Create as children

“But none of that matters. In fact, nothing matters but faith expressing itself through love, utter reliance expressing itself as a wholehearted committal of one’s entire being to a particular project, a particular person, a particular God. We are to create as children create, taken up in the thing itself, not bothering about whether so-and-so will think it is good, burning with the fire of creation, the passion of purpose, the thrill of bringing an idea into manifested, tangible reality.”

Excerpt from a piece written by Ron Block, at The Rabbit Room.


4 responses to “Create as children

  1. That is one profound excerpt. Gotta love the gentle reminders that are children. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this Hannah, I am off to read the whole post.

  3. I’m also off to read the whole post. I love this! As a preschool staff member, it’s my job to help kids AND adults hold on to and often reconnect with that creative piece. Love that!

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