Spinning my wheel

Instead of spending a lot of time telling you what I’ve been doing fiber-wise, I’m going to spend that time actually pursuing my fibery pursuits today. 😀

drum-carded batts

These batts are both made from the same mix of fiber and color, but one was carded twice and the other was carded once. I plan to make a two-ply yarn.


21 responses to “Spinning my wheel

  1. Wow, they’re beautiful!

  2. Love those colors! You’ll have to show us pictures of the finished yarn.

  3. Like your plan for the day 🙂
    Gorgeous colors in those batts –

  4. that’s what I should be doing too

  5. ooh, pretty! love your plan for the day!

  6. Have a fun fiber day! Nice looking bats!

  7. Hope you enjoyed your day! I like the color of your fiber.

  8. Very pretty! Have a great weekend.

  9. This is such a stunning visual. SO wish that I had crafting talent!

  10. Those are beautiful! I am venturing into carding yarn with a fleece I bought last year and have just got around to cleaning.

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