Book Spotlight: Hidden Affections by Delia Parr

About the book:
Betrayed by her husband, Annabelle wears the burden of legally being a divorcee, a difficult position for an upstanding young woman. While attempting to start her new life, an unexpected turn of events once again has Annabelle married — this time to Harrison Graymoor, the most eligible yet elusive bachelor in Philadelphia. Harrison assures her he’ll secure an annulment immediately, unaware the constable has informed the press of the marriage. Harrison’s past, a philanthropic cousin with his eye on Annabelle, and the appearance of Annabelle’s ex-husband threaten the tentative relationship growing between Harrison and his “wife.”

To read the first chapter of Hidden Affections by Delia Parr, go here.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. I am an Amazon Associate and receive a small commission on sales through my affiliate links.


2 responses to “Book Spotlight: Hidden Affections by Delia Parr

  1. Sounds cute and the cover is just adorable. ;O)

  2. This one looks really good. No one wants to be a divorcee, but it does happen. Thaks for the recommendation.

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