Where’s Word Lily?

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around here much lately. If you’re wondering why, and/or where I’ve been spending my time instead, here’s the answer.


I’ve been focusing on exercising. After ramping up gradually (I started verrry small), I’m now spending about 5 hours each week getting my heart rate up. Alas, I didn’t get 5 extra hours added to my week to accommodate this, and I think it’s become clear that some of that time was borrowed from blogging time.

No Apology

I’m not apologizing for this, though. This change is a very positive one not only for my body but also for me as a whole, interconnected being.

I haven’t disappeared completely, and I don’t plan to. (I also don’t plan for this to become an exercise blog, not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.)


Going forward, I hope to carve out time to be a little more present here. This transition only started a few months ago, and every few weeks I’m redefining, tweaking. But hopefully as this becomes more of a habit, it will take less mental energy. Maybe.

I did join Amanda’s 52-52-52 Challenge, as well as the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge (I’m aiming for at least 200 miles.)

Anyway, that’s kinda what’s going on with me. How have you been?

Hannah sig


4 responses to “Where’s Word Lily?

  1. It’s important for your body to be as healthy as your mind. I’ve missed your posts, but think it’s great about the exercise. It’s time I get my butt in gear and lose this baby weight, so I should use you as inspiration.

  2. YAY Hannah – I need to jump on that plan too! Life has been so crazy lately – cant wait to get home and them get back into real life 🙂

  3. Ha! This is precisely the post I need to write on my own blog. I’ve been training for a difficult hike (Half Dome in Yosemite) in three weeks so I haven’t been posting either. Glad to know it’s not just me — and good luck on your goals!! 🙂

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