A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher

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A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher, book 1 in the Little Valley series (Harvest House, February 1, 2011), 288 pages

It’s mere months until Ella Yoder’s wedding to the man of her dreams, and from her perspective, nothing can go wrong. But then it does. Aden’s appendix bursts, and he dies. How will Ella deal with her grief and move on?

This was, I think, the second Amish book I’ve read since the category exploded. I may have read some before that, but it was a really long time ago, if I did. If you like Amish books, this is probably one you’d enjoy.

I myself was straining against the strictures and confines — real or imagined (and it wasn’t entirely clear on that point) — of the community, nearly all the way through. Specifically, these: only certain life/career paths are acceptable, particularly for women; art and beauty have no value except possibly a negative one; and it’s not acceptable to question God, to even wonder why things happen a certain way.

None of these are exactly surprising in an Amish book, I suppose; perhaps this is why I’ve not read more of them.

For what it is (and what I expected), it’s not bad. It’s just not what I love.

Book 2 in the Little Valley series, Ella’s Wish, was released in May. Book 3, Ella Finds Love Again, is due out September 1. [Aside: I’m cringing about that last title, because it feels like a huge spoiler for me.]

Rating: 2.5 stars

About the author
Jerry S. Eicher taught for two terms in parochial Amish and Mennonite schools in Ohio and Illinois. He is involved in church renewal, preaching and conducting weekend meetings of in-depth Bible teaching. As a boy, he spent eight years in Honduras, where his grandfather helped found an Amish community outreach. He and his family live in Virginia.

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5 responses to “A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher

  1. I read quite a few of the Amish reads when they first starting saturating the market. (Maybe not saturating… but there are a lot of them… 🙂 ) I agree they are sweet stories but not something that draws me in too often.

  2. I haven’t ventured into any of the Amish books that have come out, recently, but I’ve been intrigued a little bit. Sorry that this one fell a little flat. :O/

  3. I read one or two years ago, but felt the confinement like you and it’s not something I enjoy in a book!

  4. Checking in on you 🙂 I thought maybe I was not getting your posts by mail anymore.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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