Catch up?

I had grand plans of posting frequently in December, catching up on reviews, writing about the books that were important to me from my 2011 reading, talking about my knitting.

And then I was in a frenzy to finish a few last-minute Christmas gifts; plans were up in the air and went through several iterations before touching down. The funeral for my husband’s grandma (that he traveled to but I didn’t) didn’t exactly help keep things calm and orderly, either.

Other things played a part, too, but I won’t bore you with a full recitation. Now, it’s post-Christmas, post-New Year’s, and my deafening silence has been keeping me from posting. How do I decide what to post, when it’s been so long? Is it possible to catch up, or should I just declare bankruptcy? Is there any middle ground, and if so, how do I determine what things absolutely get posts while others fall away?

I’m not sure, honestly, that this post will help the situation, either. I laid out a scenario for my husband last night, wherein I end up posting 12 of these back to back. Sigh.

So, what do you do? Where on the continuum of no-reviews-left-behind to start-from-scratch do you fall?


14 responses to “Catch up?

  1. Good morning Hannah! I am behind too… life got busy – posts were not written, well… you know…
    I had high hopes this past week which I had off to catch up on them but I did not. For me I am only talking about 7 reviews so its not too insane – but of course I also have books being finished which adds to the ones due for review – and of course the one you just finish is more exciting than the one that you finished 6 weeks ago and still haven’t written about…

    I still plan on writing them so I can squeeze them in on days I do not have a new book finished….

  2. I’ve seen some people do one-sentence mini-reviews all in one post. :/ Mostly, if I get behind, I just leave it behind and continue on from where I’m at, honestly.

  3. I always try and start the new year fresh and what I didn’t get to.. I didn’t get to. I know I will kinda regret it for some of the books, but it happens.

  4. I’m on the “whatever seems good to you” side, Hannah! I fully intended to stop blogging and stated such in November. Really what I wanted to do was stop casting myself as a “book” blogger. So, I ended up doing a name change and a revamp of my site and I’ll post what I like when I like. Those that stop by will not expect only book talk and I also stated I was weary of writing formal reviews. I’m still going to share what I’m reading, but with no format in mind. And, I definitely won’t talk about every book. If it feel comfortable to you, just skip over and begin 2012 afresh. Or if you think you must mention what you’ve read – post a list – I read these, you could say. In any case, we’ll love whatever you have to say about any topic, when you’d like to say it. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Welcome back and welcome to 2012! When I get behind – like if I go on vacation – I don’t bother going back over the old stuff. What’s in the past is in the past. I may do one review post, but from there I just head on into the future. The main reason I do that is to avoid being too repetitive.

  6. I’m right there with you. I have about 11 drafts in my queue right now. I’d hoped to get them at least written before the new year. Of course that didn’t happen. A few of the reviews are from last summer. At this point I don’t know that I could do them justice. I’m thinking I might just wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I know that there is at least one that I want to mention so I may still write that one. I’m also considering the mini review.

  7. You should still share your favorite books from 2011 I’ve been waiting…..

  8. Glad you’re doing well! You must be on the homestretch right now with the little sprout.

    Maybe just talk about the books that are important to you? Or draft them and save for when you have a lull in posts?

    Whatever’s going to cause you the least amount of stress!!

  9. As soon as I think I’m going to catch up, something happens and I end up behind again. It’s a perpetual state fro me now.

  10. Nice to see you, Hannah! I’m with Trish, whatever is going to cause you the least amount of stress. You’re the only one who will know if you skip reviews 🙂

  11. Kay has excellent advise.

    Do you blog about the books you read because you want to, are paid to, or feel obliged to? I like looking through others’ reading lists, but mainly I want to know which books that stood out to the reader. A short summary is nice but you do not feel obligated (unless you’re paid).

  12. Glad to see you back around!
    My advice will only repeat what has been said; maybe talk only about the books that are really important to you, good or bad. Or sometimes, mini-reviews are a good way to share a few thoughts without writing too long about a book.
    Don’t hesitate to share about other things too! 🙂 People will stick around; I personally love to know about other aspects of a blogger’s life, and I discovered many great recipes, knitting patterns, good movies and such by reading a variety of blog posts from book bloggers.

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