I wanted to write a post today, but I was undecided about what it should be about.

• I’m planning a post about knits for Sprout. Actually, I might end up dividing it into two posts, there’s quite a few photos …

• And Trish requested a post with photos of the nursery (which I’ll plan on once it’s ready, which should be less than a week now).

• And then there are books. I don’t think I’ve actually reviewed any of the 16 books I’ve finished so far in 2012 (although a review for one is scheduled for later this month). If you want to take a look at the list and express your desire for what I review (first), please feel free. It might be more likely to actually happen if you ask a question or two, also.

I’m reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller right now. I think I started it on March 1, and I’m still not close to done with it! I keep falling asleep. But it’s a good book, as I expected/knew it would be. This is why I placed it on my list of must-reads for 2011. (And yeah, I’m aware it’s 2012; about half of the list rolled over.)

It feels like crunch time around here, trying to get stuff done before Sprout’s arrival. Lists have been made and lines are slowly getting crossed off.

Hm, that’s about all I have. I guess I’m no good at this rambling thing. Have a great day!

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7 responses to “Ramblings

  1. Sometimes ramblings are just fine…. there are days when we are not all organized and orderly.

  2. It’s hard to keep up with everything! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the nursery.

  3. Can’t wait to see the pics of the nursery!

    I think you should review Rhythm of Secrets.

  4. Ok wait. You started Catch-22 seven days ago and you’re sad you’re not done with it? 😉 Did you see my tweet about just having finished Love in the Time of Cholera? Which I started at the beginning of February. Which is the second paper book I’ve finished this year! I won’t go on… Ha!

    yes, please nursery pictures!! And knitting projects!! Can’t wait. 🙂

  5. Ywu did great at Ramblings! You’ve read my morning meanderings…. now that is just a bunch of gibberish, but your rambling gave me reason to smile – the preparing for the baby, reading a book…. 🙂

  6. Sometimes rambling posts are fun! I enjoyed reading this one, and hearing about the nursery almost being done (yes, pics please!), and reading Catcgh -22 slowly, and all the little things that make up your life. I think of blogging as sitting down to chat, and it doesn’t always have to be Meaningful Stuff or book stuff. So this was delightful 🙂

  7. I’m glad you are enjoying Catch-22. Not that I want to re-read it, but I remember being impressed.

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