Bloggiesta, Ole!

I had declined to join the Bloggiesta (a blogging fiesta, a fun time to work on your blog while others are working on their blogs), but now it’s here and I can’t stay away. I’ve got some bloggy projects that I was planning to tackle today anyway, so what the heck, right? My list is pretty short, partly because I don’t want to guilt-trip myself. But also because I think Saturday and Sunday are going to be pretty busy as-is.

To do

  • update sidebars
  • update links on Books Read
  • write post for Saturday
  • update pages
  • rewrite About?
  • draft, schedule baby knits post

There’s plenty more I could add, but like I said, I don’t want to overwhelm myself. If I get extra ambitious, I’ll add things here and cross them off as they’re completed.

(Bloggiesta, created by Natasha, is being hosted this time by Suey and Danielle. It’s not to late to join in the fun!


9 responses to “Bloggiesta, Ole!

  1. My list keeps growing Hannah, as I see what others are doing I want to do that too….LOL

    Glad you hopped on board!

  2. I hope you get a lot done!

  3. I’m limited on time this weekend, too, but will definitely be checking back to keep working on my blog over the next couple weeks. Enjoy!

  4. I love how you’re limiting yourself! My list keeps growing. Have fun!

  5. You saying you want to update your about page made me go look at it. How about including a photo if you are comfortable with that? I love seeing what a blogger looks like.

  6. Good luck! I like the way you organize the multiple themes on your blog. Makes it easy to navigate.

  7. I edited my About Me page a little…it said I was 2 years younger than I am now…oops, lol.

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