Baby knits, part 2

Word Lily knitsI knit two sweaters for Sprout while he was in utero. They’re both still too big for him, so no modeled shots today. Hopefully they’ll fit him well once we get back to cooler weather this fall/winter.

I knew I wanted to knit something from handspun for the little guy, and this is it, so far (I’m sure there will be plenty more handspun handknits for him in the future):
I spun the main yarn used for this Baby Beau several years ago, with no particular use in mind. The blue is Lion Brand wool and the green for the button bands is Cascade 220.

This sweater is made from cotton yarn reclaimed from an old store-bought sweater.
I knew I wanted to make a cotton sweater. When stash-diving, I found this yarn and decided I wanted to use it for that piece. And then the pattern hunt began. I first tried a sweater vest, but I couldn’t get the gauge to work (it had an animal on the front, using intarsia, so I couldn’t just fudge the gauge). After abandoning that vest idea, I had some trouble. But eventually I found this pattern that included the hood option. I modified it (as many others before me) to be a pullover rather than another cardigan.

Just one more post of baby knits left: blankets! And speaking of baby, he just woke up.



10 responses to “Baby knits, part 2

  1. Oh my gosh, those are adorable! You’re going to have the best dressed baby around!

  2. There is something so perfect about handknit items for a baby. Yours are so very adorable!

  3. Oh how adorable! I love these so much.

  4. This is a test for this plugin I hope this work the way I think it will!

  5. I think this will work fine

  6. I think this could be the start of something big!!!!

  7. Barb this is great!!!

  8. I just love love love these baby knits. I’ve been wanting to sew some dresses for Elle but just don’t have the guts to start cutting into fabric without knowing what I’m doing. Hey Hannah? Next time I’d love to see your little sprout modeling… 😉

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