Doubling my reading

As of last night, I’ve finished two books so far in July. Normally this wouldn’t mean much, but given that I read one book per month for the previous three months, I found it worth noting.

Also, since it’s only the 10th of July, and I just got a book I’m really excited to read, I might even make it to 3 books this month. o.O I know, shocker.

So, hooray! Here are the last 5 books I’ve read.
22. The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson (2009)
23. Monsoon Summer by Mitali Perkins (2004)
24. Ibid by Mark Dunn (2004)
25. Vipers’ Tangle by Francois Mauriac (1932)
26. Frozen Assets by PG Wodehouse (1964)
To see what else I’ve been reading, check out my books read page.

Note: This post typed almost entirely one-handed while holding a 10-week-old.


13 responses to “Doubling my reading

  1. I’m amazed you had time for even one book, especially if you do much of your reading how you wrote this post. 🙂

  2. I was so brain dead when I had a ten week old I don’t think I did any reading!

  3. Two books in one month is very respectable! Good luck with the three in a month goal!

  4. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Great job! lol we are reading around the same pace and I don’t have a baby to blame. Which has been your favorite?

    • You’ve gotten through more titles than I have.

      I’ve been enjoying pretty much all of the books I’ve read, but of those 5, I think the Wodehouse might come out ahead. The Perkins was awesome, too. For the year, The Hunger Games might still win out so far, though.

  5. I’m impressed with your ability to type this one-handed!! And also with your reading. I don’t remember off-hand how many books I read last year but I think it was around 25ish–so I think you’re doing just fine. 😉

    Have been meaning to pick up Wodehouse. Maybe on audio!

  6. That is quite impressive! 🙂 Sounds like you’re busy, and that you have a good excuse for not reading much.

  7. I didn’t read much when I had to feed Gage, but I was able to watch more movies. It looks like he’s an excellent sleeper which is a very good thing!

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