August knits

I knit quite a bit in August, the bulk of it was one pattern — that I knit 5 times, by far the most I’ve ever knit a single pattern.

This knitting spree was brought on by necessity. See, the little man (He’s 4 months old now, and growing ever so fast!) outgrew the diapering setup we’d been using. (Yes, we cloth diaper.) But that’s not really the focus of this brief narrative.

I knit five soakers. Well, technically, I knit six, but the first one was a different pattern, and it didn’t really turn out well.

Soakers all in a row

Soakers hanging in the nursery, ready to be used. The middle one is knit from my handspun, the fourth from the left is made from yarn I dyed.

Wool soaker

Baby wearing wool soaker.

4 months

Here he is riding his trusty steed, Maisie, on his 4-month birthday.

Wool really is amazing. But I think I’m ready to knit something else, or at least another pattern now! Maybe longies? He did outgrow more pajamas this week …


11 responses to “August knits

  1. You are amazingly talented!!

  2. I’m doing the same thing in anticipation of my little one’s arrival. Yay for being crafty mamas!

  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    aw, cute! And well done.

  4. I’m familiar with cloth diapering but not soakers! Is this just the equivalent of a cotton outer diaper? Asa is so adorable!

    • I’m not sure what you mean about cotton outer diapers. A soaker doesn’t replace a diaper but rather functions as a diaper cover (as in, over a prefold or fitted diaper). I know people who use them over other covers and over disposables at night, though, for extra protection against leaks. The lanolin that occurs naturally on sheep’s wool (which you add back in after the soaker is made) makes it somewhat waterproof and actually neutralizes urine. And if the diaper underneath gets past saturated, wool also absorbs a lot of liquid before feeling wet.

      • I just meant a cotton diaper cover (diaper meaning the trifold piece). I hadn’t heard of using wool but this actually sounds much better than what I’ve seen!

  5. oh toooo cute!

    I have a yarn lover’s contest on at:

    you and your readers might want to check out.

  6. These are amazing Hannah! So talented and eco-conscious 🙂

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