Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Review Catch-Up

It’s Bloggiesta time, hooray! (And if you haven’t signed up, there’s still time!) One of the biggest chores on my blogging to-do list is catching up on outstanding reviews. I’ve read the books, hopefully I took some notes, but the post is likely not started, let alone finished or scheduled. This mini-challenge will hopefully help you accomplish that goal.

nacho heaven
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Yum.)

I thought it would be fun to set our levels based on the plate of nachos Bloggiesta seems to call for.

Participation Levels

Can’t Eat Just One (so, at least 2)
Let’s Split It (50 percent of your outstanding reviews)
Licking the Bowl Clean (getting them ALL done)

Pick a level, leave a comment saying at which level you’re committing, and then go write and schedule those reviews! Credit will be given only for fully finished posts — no sticking your notes in a draft post and calling it done. Get it fully formatted, too, the works. Don’t forget to check back in with your progress (a link to the blog post in which you share how successful you surely were).

Tips for if you get stuck of if the going gets tough:
• Work backwards (Start with the book you’ve most recently finished. It’s likely to be easier to review, which will help build momentum.)
• Take breaks often.
• Feel stuck in a rut? Break free! Abandon the usual format or template.
• Conversely, Get all the formatty stuff done all at once and then come back and fill in the content.
• If you’re really, really having a hard time, maybe ask your readers to ask you questions about the books. Answering the questions in your post may help get you going.

Do you have any review-writing catch-up tips? Dish!


38 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Review Catch-Up

  1. Good morning – love the nachos! Errrr… I mean mini challenge. I currently am 3 reviews to write down and I suspect a 4th one today. This Bloggiesta will be tricky for me as I have a family get together for about 50 people at my house on Saturday – but, you know me… I am signed up anyway and Sunday plan to do some awesome Bloggiesta work and maybe a bit on Friday too. 🙂

    • So what’s your goal as far as how many reviews to catch up on by the end of Bloggiesta, Sheila? You’ve been getting ready for this gathering for awhile, no? Or maybe just hoping your bookshelves were settled in time … Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m not officially participating in Bloggiesta, but I need to do this. I’ve got so many reviews backlogged that I shudder when I think about it. I’m hoping to get 3 or 4 written and scheduled by Monday.

  3. I am committing on the level Let’s split it! I am 19 book reviews behind, so I hope to get 9 or 10 of them out of the way during bloggiesta. Thanks for this challenge! I really need it!

  4. I need this challenge badly! I’m committing to Let’s Split It! That’ll be 7 reviews. Who knows maybe I can manage to tackle them all. 😉

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  6. I’m in! I’m committing to at least three reviews. I hope to get four done though. One of my tips to make it easier to write reviews is to write them in different formats.

  7. I’m in…I’m going to go for the Let’s Split It level. I have 12 outstanding reviews and am committing to get at least 6 done (although I secretly hope I will get all 12 done).

    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  8. I’m lucky that I’m totally caught up on my reviews right now, BUT there have been times where I’ve been WAAAAY behind. It’s frustrating to get caught up! I’m finding that I have to force myself to sit down and write all my thoughts immediately after finishing a book. Even if they’re not written in a review format just yet, at least my thoughts are down.

    Love the idea of rewarding yourself after completing a certain # of reviews. I’ll have to remember that the next time I fall behind!

  9. I’m actually doing great with my reviews. I’ve one already written down in my notebook, so I only have to type it down and add the extra information 😀

  10. Boy is Bloggiesta the best motivator ever or what?! I am Licking the Bowl Clean! Granted I am not too far behind right now only 7 reviews but still I need to get caught up!

  11. I’m totally joining this, and I’ve already started! I’m going to lick the bowl clean and finish up all of them. Thanks for the encouragement, now I’m off to find some nachos.

  12. I’m licking that bowl clean!! No sharing! ;P

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  14. Oh man. I’m aiming for licking the bowl clean – this is the ONE big goal on my Bloggiesta list this year that I’m trying to focus on … which means, of course, that I’ve been procrastinating on starting it until right now. I’ve got 16 unwritten reviews for books that I’ve finished at this point. Sixteen! And I want to get them all done before the end of Sunday (which is actually the first day back at work for me). It’s a big goal, but I’ve got hope!

  15. Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea

    I’ll definitely need to do this. I only have one review to write but it should go up on Monday so I’ll need to get started asap. 😀

  16. Love thsi mini-challenge. I’ve noticed if I don’t write my review right after I finish the book, then the reviews start stacking up and I get overwhelmed. Like now, haha. I have 7 reviews I stil need to write, so I’m going with the Let’s split it participation level!

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  18. Ok. This is a REALLY big goal for my with Let’s Split it. That means 28 reviews. EEP.

  19. Happy Bloggiesta! One of my tasks is to see if everyone on my blogroll still is blogging…. YAY – I really need to visit more. I have had an amazing month of reading – I think I broke a record in number of books which of course means that I am behind in review writing. I agree that one of my tricks is to do all the format setup and then somehow, the post gets sparked.

  20. I’m going for Let’s Split It. I have seven outstanding reviews to write, so I’ll try to finish three and start a fourth! 🙂

  21. I’d love to lick that bowl clean, but I’ll have to settle for Let’s Split It.

  22. Oops, wrong account. (new wordpress one for backup)

  23. I’m committing to Let’s Split It, but secretly aiming for Licking The Bowl Clean! Love your idea to start with the most recently read book, then working backwards. Once the review ball gets rolling, it seems easier. Thanks for a great challenge!

  24. I think I’m going to try for Can’t Eat Just One. I am a sloow review writer.

  25. Okay!! I need to do it!!! I’m going to do Can’t Eat Just One-2 Reviews. That is do-able-no excuses-I’m committing. Thank you for challenging me.

  26. Im going for ” licking the bowl clean”

    I just finished the review for Hidden, havev3 more left

  27. Okay, I am done! I did 10 out of 19. They are all finished and scheduled! Yay!

  28. therelentlessreader

    I’m lucky to be caught up right now. Oh wait, I do have 1 review to write but that isn’t bad 🙂 I love the tip above about writing reviews in different formats. That can shake things up and get you motivated! I *try* to write a review right after I’m done reading a book when it’s fresh in my mind and the characters are still alive in my head.

  29. I completed the challenge! I reviewed 4/7. yay!

  30. nightmareonbookstreet

    I finished this challenge, completed 4/7 outstanding reviews. YAY!

  31. Ahh, I totally need to do this! While I’d love to commit to splitting it, I’m going to have to stick to Can’t Eat Just One.

  32. I did it! I wrote 3 out of 7 reviews, and put together some notes for the 4th. I’m so relieved to have gotten these done! Thank you for the challenge!

  33. Ok, so half of my reviews was 28 books. That did NOT happen. BUT! 7 did, so that’s pretty darn good!

  34. I got 2 out of 5 done does that count as half?? lol I know I know cheating I needed 2.5 reviews. I thought I had commented already but clearly not.

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