Back to spinning

bluepurple sparkle singles close

Word Lily spinsNext time, if you notice it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my spinning? Bug me. Because, Why, why, why do I go so long without doing something I so love? Spinning this was … blissful. The process brought tears to my eyes, it was so splendid. I do love the yarn, but the experience of spinning, having my hands literally in color, is even more worthwhile to me. I know this, and yet, it had been more than a year since I’d pulled my spinning wheel out of its cubbyhole. Shameful.

This photo is truer, color-wise:
skein of bluepurple sparkle singles

It’s soo fluffy and squishy and soft and cozy! I have no idea what I’m going to make with it yet, I just had to make.

Stats on the yarn: 60.4 grams, 122 yards (pre-bath, so it’ll likely shrink/puff a bit) from a batt I made at Yarn School, the last of those. I don’t remember what all I put in on the carder, but obviously quite a bit of sparkle. I have the details somewhere, but I wanted to post, not hunt for details, this morning.

Do you ever find yourself avoiding things you love?


5 responses to “Back to spinning

  1. Can I just say that it is so cool that you do that. I have wanted to get back to quilting more than once in the last several months, but just haven’t done it. I don’t know if its just the shortage of time or something more keeping me from it, but I’d love to get back to it. Oh and I still want to try my hand at knitting. Perhaps this winter will get me going?

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. That’s awesome you spin it yourself, my knitting seems very dull in comparison! The colours are lovely, whatever you do make is sure to be unique for it. I avoid the things I love a lot, mostly because they take a lot of time. I know if I just gave a full day to it, though, that I’d feel good about it, but it’s making that time and sticking to it…

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