Baby blankets for cousins

Word Lily knitsAsa has two cousins due within two weeks of each other, and I knit them each a baby blanket.

Wanna see?

grellow with pink
(Project page on Ravelry)

Their nursery colors are yellow and grey, and they’re having a girl. The blanket is two-thirds yellow and one-third grey, with a thin stripe of a bright pink in between.

Concentric squares
(Ravelry project page)

They’re having a boy, and their nursery theme is polka dots. I tried a polka dotted blanket, but it wouldn’t work within the constraints it needed to, which is sad. But hopefully this one is good, too. I like the proportions of the stripes.

Both of these patterns were pretty boring as far as the knitting goes, but the stripes one at least had color changes to keep track of and look forward to. Although it also had about a million ends to weave in after the knitting was finished.

Both of them are knitted in recycled (unraveled from old sweaters) cotton, which is super soft, but also machine-washable and -dryable, which seems like a must for baby blankets.

More pictures of the blankets (you can click on them to view them larger):

Also, if you haven’t yet, please vote! Gnomes or Snowmen? Here’s some background information so you can make an informed decision on this vital issue.


8 responses to “Baby blankets for cousins

  1. Those are beautiful! I love both of them. I hope to be able to give knitting a try this winter.

  2. I’m a big baby – would you like to adopt me as a cousin? Those blankets are gorgeous!

  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Those are really lovely blankets and so thoughtful. I wish I could make something :/

  4. My mother-in-law tried to teach me to knit – twice. I seem to be incapable and I’m so jealous! I’d love to be able to do something like these – they are gifts that will truly be treasured.

  5. !!! Just saw your comment to Teresa! I was just about to say that I think I’m going to make needle arts one of my 2013 “Things” and I can’t wait to see your posts for beginners! Though I have to admit that I’m leaning towards one needle (ahem or hook) rather than two…

    Beautiful blankets. Elle received a crochet blanket and I cherish it.

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