Finished Object Friday: Ribbed socks

Word Lily knitsI said the other day that I’d only knit two non-baby things in 2012. I already blogged about one of them; here’s the other:

Blue stripes ribbed socks

(Ravelry project page)

I made these in July. They’re really basic, just a basic sock in 3×1 rib, continued all the way down the leg, over the top of the foot and through most of the toe. I didn’t use a pattern, I’m trying to discover vary aspects of the sock to find the best fit, and this was a step (heh) in that direction.

While not exciting, they’re definitely easy to wear, since I practically live in jeans. I do love sock knitting.

(Posting this as part of FO Fridays and Fiber Arts Fridays.)


21 responses to “Finished Object Friday: Ribbed socks

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    They look comfy!

  2. Those look incredibly comfortable! Love them!

  3. They look very well done and comfy!

  4. I often think I need to work more on perfect fit, but the ones I knit fit fine and they look pretty. 🙂

  5. Yeah for something other than baby knitting. ;-0. I am still in baby knitting for others, but did start a sweater for myself last night. I love your little man and your big dog! I have some shaggy ones myself who often loose their “eyes”. Even though we can’t see their eyes, I know they can still see out of all that hair, but sometimes I wonder how. LOL

  6. Very nice socks, love the colours

  7. I love sock knitting too. I’m just not sure if I start knitting another sweater (red) or the green socks I bought the yarn a while ago. I could crochet a baby blanket, a colleague’s baby is due in a month … Have a nice weekend. Regula

  8. I love sock knitting, it has to be my favorite type of project. Yours are beautiful!

  9. Love the socks. The gray is perfect and will be great with jeans. I love socks and I’m getting better at loving the sock knitting. Little needles don’t scare me like they used to 😉

  10. Your socks look great! I love a good ribbed sock, but I am so impressed that you didn’t need a pattern!

  11. Great socks! The yarn striped up really nicely.

  12. My mother always told me knitting socks is very hard. I am not sure if she is right, but I’m sure I would find them difficult (especially as I cannot knit!) These look so nice and comfortable.

    • I was a little scared of sock knitting before I’d knit my first pair, but list most things in knitting, once you’ve got the basics, it’s pretty straightforward. I shouldn’t have been frightened. 🙂

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