Post ideas, a list

When I make lists, they’re nearly always on paper. There’s just something about it. It helps me remember what I’ve written, it’s more present as a list (whereas a digital list might get lost behind multiple windows or closed and forgotten forever), and physically crossing things off when they’re completed is so much more satisfying than striking through.

Last weekend (I think) I was brimming with ideas of posts and potential posts for NaBloPoMo (such a crazy, awkward name!).

As you can see, I’ve written and posted some of them in the intervening days. I’ve also got at least one other drafted, but I didn’t want to post it on the weekend. (And yes, the sheet of paper has been used for other notes and lists previously.)

It was only after I finished it and felt satisfied at the length of the list that I realized how very few line items related to books. Hrm.

Do you make lists? On paper or screen?


17 responses to “Post ideas, a list

  1. therelentlessreader

    I love lists! I especially like crossing things off after I’ve accomplished the task. I’ve been known to write down things that I’ve already done just to have the joy of crossing them off! 🙂

  2. I’m a total list hound. I prefer paper ones, there is something about the joy of crossing off! When the lists I’m making aren’t to-dos that require crossing off, though, I’ve found that the notes feature on my iPhone does the trick quite well. I’ve nearly always got it on me, and I never (oops!) throw one in the trash by accident (horrors!). It’s great when I don’t have a sheet of paper handy, but get struck by the compulsive desire to list stuff. For example, I may have started making a Christmas wish list today while I was waiting for winter tires to be put on my car… 😉

  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    aw, cool! I think it’s fun to see people’s actual physical lists on the internet.

    maybe all book posts are overrated!

  4. I run hot and cold with lists. Most times I don’t need them, but occasionally they are useful. And if I make a list, I’ll definitely initially write it out. I might eventually transfer the list to my computer, but that usually doesn’t work out well.

    • I go through seasons of list-making and not, too. Sometimes my brain is too full to keep everything straight and I have to make a ton of lists, whereas if my head is quieter, I can keep things straight without writing it all down.

  5. I loved seeing your list. I used to have a notepad list of posts I wanted to write, but then I lost my blogging inspiration for a while. I thik it’s coming back now though 🙂 Perhaps a physical list would help me. Thank you for making me think of it. Also, you know I’d love to see that missionaries in fiction list. Even if I might do a post on that myself some day too. (If you don’t mind, of course!)

  6. I have to make all of my lists on paper – they have to be there in front of me. And all of my reminders. You’re so right about them getting lost if you make them on electronic media.

  7. I make lists, of a sort, using a note sticky program on my computer. I’m a mad-woman when let loose with post-its! I’m not much of a list maker because instead of receiving a gratified feeling when marking something off, I feel overwhelmed at all the things I have yet to it kind of back-fires on me.

    TracyAnn from and

  8. Great list! Mine is a little funny looking as its going every which way covering every bit of space on a piece of paper. I need to redo it in my new blogging notebook.

  9. Missionary Looks?? Having grown up in a faith that is big on missionaries I’m definitely interested in that one. And infertility, too. And knitting for beginners but I think I see that one in Reader…

    I have so many lists…I need to just consolidate them into one and work through it.

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