2013 reading: A growing list

I know we’re not yet *that* close to the end of 2012, but I’m starting to accumulate a list of books to read in 2013.

First on the list are the ones still outstanding from my challenge with Amy from 2 years ago already. Hopefully 2013 will be the year I get the rest of these books read. From that list, still remaining are:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco, both of which I challenged myself with.
I might not actually get to Les Mis this coming year; I’d granted myself grace on that one so far. I’ll still consider myself finished if I don’t get through (or even to) that one at this point. As for The Name of the Rose, I started it this fall, but I didn’t have the capacity to grapple with the thick language at this point. Hopefully next year will be different in that regard.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which is the only one left of the five that Amy charged me with. I’m definitely planning to read this one in 2013.

Secondly, I really really want to read

Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. There’s a readalong going now, but alas, I not only found it late, but my reading schedule is way too packed for the rest of 2012 to fit in a chunkster like this. So, 2013 it is.

• I’m also toying with the idea of making a project of this Top 100 Picture Books list. It would be a nice way to add structure to my reading with Asa, don’t you think?

And finally (for now),

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I think Amy and I decided this week that we’ll tackle this one in the spring, together. I’ve never read it, so I hope it stands up to reading by an adult, since I’ve seen so many places say this is one you’re really supposed to read when you’re younger.

So, that’s it, so far! Obviously, such things are subject to change, especially when planned this far in advance. Do you have any books you’re planning to read next year? Have you read any of these books? If so, what do you think?

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14 responses to “2013 reading: A growing list

  1. I started Les Miserables earlier this year, and now that I am seeing the movie posters every where, I’ve decided I have to get back to it. I did enjoy the first part I did read, up past the first 100 pages, very much. It’s just too heavy for me to carry around, so I can only read it at home.
    I recently pulled a bunch of mysteries that I’ve bought and stacked them up to see how many there were that I hadn’t read yet. Enough for a year’s reading! lol so they are still piled up to remind me, 2013 is almost here! And they will all probably be read then.

    • Yeah I’ve been mostly reading from my shelves this year, and it’s been great! Glad you’re enjoying Les Mis, too. I’m sure I’ll like it, but I can only tackle so many incredibly long books a year, you know?

  2. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    Oh hmmm I hadn’t heard that about TKAM. So it’s going to be another Great Gatsby?

  3. Wow, Hannah, that’s a first. I’ve read all but one of them (and the 100 picture books, I’ll be heading there next to see which ones we’ve read). Maybe I’ll have to read the Count of Monte Cristo along with you next year, Oh, and I think To Kill a Mockingbird will hold up, because I re-read it as an adult and still loved it.

    • Yay, that would be fun to read Count of Monte Cristo together, Heather! That’s good to hear about TKAM. I’m not surprised you’ve read all the rest, since they’re classics. Trying to fill in my holes. 🙂

  4. keepingthevision

    I think I will try the 100 picture books with E. I think I’ve read close to 2/3, but not all to him, and it would be fun to finish that list. There are some great ones on there for Asa, and some that will be over his head for years, but it never hurts to read them all so that you know when to introduce them.

  5. Well I love Jane Eyre, so can only recommend it. You’ve a good list, some long books but not too many to not be able to add more later. I’ve several books I’m planning to read in January and some general ideas, mostly to get to books I’ve had for ages.

  6. I’d love to do something with you on the top 100 picture books in 2013!!

  7. I seriously contemplated joining the Count of Monte Cristo readalong but I didn’t have time either. Maybe I’ll join you next year – I think it’s definitely one that will need someone else pushing me to get me through it!

    • Oh, yay! The more the merrier. 🙂 I really thought about joining this year’s, too, but it was just way too little time for me; the end of the year’s reading was already booked, essentially.

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