Looking forward to Advent

It seems weird to look forward to, to anticipate, a period of waiting and anticipation, but I am. This is Asa’s first Christmas season, and I look forward to sharing it with him. We got a new Advent devotional, with each entry tied to a song, so hopefully he will be able to appreciate that, at least a little. We’ll be getting our tree on Saturday (the day before Advent starts), and while the space constraints are many, we’ll be getting a real tree, and bigger than the ones of recent years (which were in the 3-foot range). I think we’ll be keeping most of the glass ornaments stowed away, though, and concentrating on the less breakable ones.

I’ve enjoyed this little break between Thanksgiving and Advent this year; usually it’s one right after the other, which seems to add to the stress for me. The breathing room is nice, and I feel it’s allowed us to be a bit more intentional about things.

Shopping is started, although by no means finished, ha!

The little guy’s 7 months old today; hopefully I’ll get some good photos taken, to be able to share with you all tomorrow.

This will be our first year having a real, bonafide, Christmas morning with just us, without extended family. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m excited to see how our traditions end up taking shape.

I guess this is a bit rambly, but I don’t have the brain function to focus intently on a more in-depth post, I guess. Have I mentioned that I’m counting down the days of NaBloPoMo? I’m scared that the end result of this little experiment will be burn-out, rather than enthusiasm. We’ll see.

Do you have your tree up already? Growing up, we used to always (go and cut our tree) on Thanksgiving weekend. I like the idea of doing it at the start of Advent — which is usually right after Thanksgiving, but is a bit later this year. (“Haven’t we been here before, Rocky?”)

How is Christmas prep coming in your house?


10 responses to “Looking forward to Advent

  1. We’ll be in Hawaii for the two weeks before Christmas (sorry!), so no tree, no decorations, no nothin’. We’re pretty minimalist when it comes to Christmas anyways, but more so this year.
    How fun for you to experience Asa’s first Christmas!

  2. Each year the holidays get more and more exciting for us. I think its a lot of fun to establish new family traditions and continue those that we grew up with. We are going to cut our Christmas tree soon. Monkey is so excited for Christmas this year which makes me excited too.

  3. We’re putting up our tree on the 1st and we’re doing a book-a-day for advent, pretty much. Our son is almost 3and it’s the first year he really pays attention, I look forward to a super fun December!

    Aw, seven months, what a beautiful age! I’m sure he’ll like wrapping paper and empty boxes best 🙂

  4. I’ve done a little shopping but that’s about it. I haven’t done any decorating and probably won’t do much.

  5. Being in Phoenix it is often hard to get into the “Christmas Spirit”. We haven’t put up our tree yet but I have all my snowmen out for display 🙂

  6. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I notice Mike Duran on your side feed.

    Anyway, yay for your first Christmas! Also, my shopping is pretty much done since I’m not doing any! 😀

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