Advent Tour: Christmas trees and me

virtual advent tour
[This is my first time participating in the Advent Tour, which is a little embarrassing. Why haven’t I participated in something so right up my alley before, I ask you?]

DSC_0048Growing up, we always went to cut down our Christmas tree. It was a big outing, complete on the best years with hot (burning hot!) cocoa and the scent of pines and firs. We always went the day after Thanksgiving. Finding the perfect tree was no easy task, but I was up for the challenge (as were my siblings).

For me, the perfect tree has always been almost perfectly conical. No holes for me, please! And also gigantic. If there was room between the tree and the ceiling — especially after the tree topper’s been added — there must be some mistake.

We had a tree when we could in college (me and my roommates). When I had my own apartment, I went and cut (not by myself) a tree. After getting married and seemingly always traveling over Christmas, we sometimes had smaller trees for practical reasons, but it has always been hard on me when we’ve gone that route. There’s just no substitute for a good tree! One year we didn’t have a tree at all, because our house was on the market and the realtor strongly recommended against it.

Three years ago we had 12-foot ceilings and we made the most of them with a gorgeous fir that nearly grazed the proverbial rafters.

Our Christmas tree in 2009. (Click to enlarge)

Our Christmas tree in 2009. (Click to enlarge)

I. Loved. It.

I was enraptured.

Since then, we moved to much smaller space, with more normal 8-foot ceilings.

This year, we have a 5-foot tree, a fir again, as has become our custom. It’s sitting on a box so as to be out of the little one’s reach. I’m pleased with our tree for probably the first year since that big one. Which might not seem like that long, but trust me, it is a long time when one’s tree sets the tone for the whole holiday season like it does for me.

It’s certainly not the perfect tree, and we didn’t go cut it ourselves (because no Christmas tree farms have fir trees within more than an hour of here), but it’s fitting.

Christmas tree 2012

Our tree this year, framed by one of the bookshelves.

What kind of tree do you have? What’s the most important aspect of your decorating when it comes to getting you in the Christmas spirit?

We have a mix of handmade (by us and by others) and not-handmade ornaments, a touch of a theme, but also many individual, personal ornaments. I’m not sure it tells a straightforward story, it does reflect who we are, I think.

Asa loves to just look at it, although he’ll gladly play with the ornaments too (all non-breakable).

Merry Christmas!


17 responses to “Advent Tour: Christmas trees and me

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    aw, your trees are beautiful!!! No fakes ones for you. And I love the picture of your tree by the books!

    • We’ve thought of getting a fake one, but in the moment, at the time of purchase, the good fakes are better than live trees, alas! That’s where the tree lives this year, in front of that bookcase. But I’ve still been able to access books to read. 🙂

  2. Your tree looks amazing! We used to have real trees when i was a kid but we haven’t had one in at least 30 years.

    Thanks for participating in the tour this year.

  3. Imagine being able to cut down a beautiful fir tree and have it for your very own Christmas tree! Wow. And it’s the amazing aroma that especially intrigues me.

    Here’s my Virtual Advent: Uff da! Norwegian Fattigmands!
    I hope you will stop by!

  4. Your realtor recommended not having a tree? We’ve sold 2 houses that were all decorated for Christmas.

    We love old sturdy trees with lots of holes so the ornaments hang well and we can hang a bunch on each branch.

    • The holes thing is something we’ve compromised a bit on over the years. I can now embrace a tree that has character. 🙂

      And yes, our realtor did recommend against a tree. In this instance, I think it was probably because of space. It was a pretty small living room and the tree, when we did have one, took up quite a bit of space.

  5. Love your tree! We have a bit 7 1/2 foot tree that I would load up with all the kids ornaments through the years, ones my mom gave them etc…last year and this year I have not put up that tree. With Brad in the Navy and Justin away in college, its not the same. Justin makes it home for Christmas and I have a smaller tree I have been using the last two years that is not so much work…. next year when Brad is home again maybe I will go back to the bigger tree.

  6. Beautiful tree! I have allergies so have had artificial trees since I was a child, but when my husband’s niece and nephew were younger we cut down a tree for their grandmother’s house every year — it was so much fun and I know they have wonderful Christmas memories because of that tradition.

  7. That’s a beautiful tree! We always travel at Christmas so always have a fake tree but I hope that next year we’ll have Christmas at home. Merry Christmas!

  8. I like the way, you decorate your tree with a mix of decorations. I do the same. Each ornament has it’s little story 🙂 Beautiful tree.

  9. I love your tree!! And it’s framed by bookcases? awesome. Gage was so crazy with the ornaments that we left them off, LOL. He did insist that we turn on the lights every morning though 🙂

    • Asa really loved looking at the tree and playing with the ornaments when we let him, but we had it up far enough off the ground he couldn’t really reach it on his own, at least this year. Who knows what it’ll be like when he’s as old as Gage! 🙂

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