Lightning blogging

I saw the ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting start the year with 15-minute-limited blog posts. I thought that I might actually be able to scrape together 15 minutes, and mused that even small posts of this sort might be an improvement over the not-posting I’ve been accomplishing lately, so here goes.

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It’s the last day to nominate a book (one per category) for the INSPYs! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you’re not aware, the @INSPYs are book awards that seek to award novels of great quality that have something to say about or that explore the Christian faith (whether from Christian publishers or not).

On the reading front, I’m gearing up for all my reading all the time to be INSPYs nominations for quite awhile. But in the meantime, I’ve just finished my 3rd book of the year (need to update the list here on the blog). Said list is at least as far up-to-date as through the end of last year: Books Read list.

On the knitting front, I’ve finished a couple quick-ish pieces (need to get them in the mail!) and have cast on for one major simple-knitting long-term piece. I’m thinking I might need to find something a little more challenging (not rocket science, but not miles of stockinette) as well.

I’m still thinking about my birthday (party), but I haven’t found a satisfying solution for the early days of February. The weather is too cold and unpredictable, there are potential scheduling conflicts out the wazoo, and the party wouldn’t be any fun without the right people there. Hrm. I’ve always loved February, mostly because it’s my birthday month, but I’m really stuck on this at this point. Anyone got ideas for me?

At some point I hope to get around to catching you all up with what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been making. I’ve got notes jotted and drafts started and photos saved (including an update on the babe). One substantive, overdue post actually started. Actual reviews might be a pipe dream, though.

And, apparently, 15 minutes is plenty of time for me to craft a blog post of this nature, at least when my brain is so completely full of random topics to toss out there. What say you of the 15-minute blogging? So far, I’m cautiously optimistic that the constraint will allow me to actually post instead of just think about posting. The real test will be when it comes to actual meaty(er) content, though, not silliness like this.

I’ve also wanted to post a goal-list of some sort, for the new year, but I haven’t even started thinking about that yet. I could, potentially, look back at my goals for 2012 and see how I did, though?

Time’s up!


8 responses to “Lightning blogging

  1. I can’t believe you wrote all that in 15 minutes–that would have taken me an hour. 😛 And it was awesome to boot–lots of fun little tidbits to munch on.
    Hope you come up with the perfect solution for your birthday plans!

    • Haha! I think I had all the tidbits formed and swirling around in my head before I opened the Compose window! I was surprised by how far 15 minutes got me, too, though. Thank you!

  2. Hmmm… fifteen minutes. After rocking in November, I fizzled in December and am still fizzling in January. Perhaps I should try the lightning blog post. It sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I still want to try that knitting project, but I think I may have to start a bit later. I’d like to get on top of a few things first.

    I’m just as puzzled as you are about what to do for my birthday, so I’m afraid I’m not much help on that front.

    • The 15-minute limit seems to be working for the gals at Mason-Dixon Knitting, and I can see how it can/should work for me. Like you, I did great in November with NaBloPoMo, but since then it’s been only very sparse blogging for me. Here’s hoping it works for you, too!

      Let me know when you’re ready to try your hand at knitting! 🙂

      Hopefully we both figure some grand way to commemorate our birthdays.

  3. Seems to be a great way to kickstart a blogging habit – if you get used to the 15 mins on a regular basis then maybe it’ll be easier to blog in general? What do I know though, I have the same posting problem! 😉

  4. What a great idea! I definitely need something to jumpstart my blogging this year. And telling myself, I’m only going to take 15 minutes means my mind can’t tell me, you don’t have the time to blog!

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