Too Far to Say Far Enough by Nancy Rue

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Too Far to Say Far Enough by Nancy Rue, book 3 in The Reluctant Prophet series (October 1, 2012, David C. Cook), 512 pages

too far to say far enough

Allison picks up right where she left off, taking care of orphans and women in trouble, along with her unexpected but strong band of helpers who have all felt some form of a Nudge from God to do so.

It took me a little while to remember who everyone was and where we’d left everything when I first picked up Too Far to Say Enough, this third book in a series (trilogy?). I’ve loved this series from the very beginning, and this book is no exception.

I loved the surprises, the twists and turns, and how broken and human and real the characters are. No one is a type.

I loved how things were allowed to come almost full circle in some respects with this story but still not everything was neatly wrapped up. It had a couple of the super-happy, much longed-for moments the series has led up to, also, which is excellent.

But this one seemed a little more two-dimensional to me, somehow. Maybe I’d just gotten to know the characters well enough that it wasn’t as surprising or shocking? Or maybe it’s just part of the story/series reaching its logical end.

Still, these are excellent, well-written books and I’d recommend them to almost anyone. I’m saddened by how poorly they’ve sold, apparently. Why are so many of the best books not appreciated until too late? (Just like: Why are so many of the greatest TV shows cancelled before they can even get to the best parts?) I’m afraid, in this case, that the reason they haven’t sold all that well is that the target audience doesn’t want to be challenged to step out of their pew, doesn’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable or encouraged to really think things through (that working-out-of-their-faith thing, especially).

Rating: 4.5 stars

Here’s my review of book 2, Unexpected Dismounts, but I urge you to start the series with book 1, The Reluctant Prophet.

About the author
Nancy Rue has written tons of books. I love her blog, The Nudge.

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5 responses to “Too Far to Say Far Enough by Nancy Rue

  1. I like the buttons you chose … I think the favorite part of my projects are going to the store to get buttons!

  2. Currently reading this now and enjoying it like I have all the others. This is the type of Christian fiction I enjoy. Thoughts as to why they aren’t selling well? I think maybe the length of the book (500 pages is a chunkster for a lot of folks, me..bring it on!) and well..there’s no bonnet on the cover, it’s not a romance and it’s not historical. Also you can’t tell if it’s a guy or girl on the cover and I think most women who read CF like the smiling faces, sadly. Which is a shame because this is a great series.

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