Gift knits

Word Lily knitsSince I’m starting to get back in the swing of blogging, I guess I’ll finally tell you about the gifts I knit for Christmas. This was a pretty slow Christmas in terms of handcrafted gifts.

I made Mom a pair of socks. With yummy BFL yarn.
Kind of boring to knit, but very work appropriate to wear. And the nice hand-dyed yarn helped.

I crocheted a pair of legwarmers (and a matching earwarmer [Calorimetry], not pictured) for a sister-in-law, based on her pinning the pattern (and others like it) on Pinterest.

I whipped up a crown and a mask for a young niece.


(Wow, I just realized that of those pictured here, half are crocheted and half are knit. If you count the Calorimetry, the list skews knit, though.)

Happy Fiber Arts Friday / Finished Object Friday / Friday! I’m looking forward to catching up on sharing all I’ve been making and reading soon.


34 responses to “Gift knits

  1. Boy, I wish I was on your gift list!

  2. You’re so good! Everything looks so nice and soft, and I love those buttons!

  3. Nice socks! Do you have a pattern for the mask? I’m sure my kids would like that too 😉

  4. Love the crown and necklace. A little one will be thrilled with them. The socks look so warm and cozy! You have been busy.

  5. I always think knitted socks are awesome. All your projects are great.

  6. Love those legwarmers. It’s nice that you post knitting and crochet projects together, they are not supposed to be exclusive of each other.

  7. I’ve been meaning to try some BFL yarn for socks, they look great!

  8. Maybe those socks were boring to knit, but I lurve them. I bet they are completely comfortable.

  9. What wonderful gifts, love the colour of the leg warmers. Have a good weekend. Deb x

  10. Love, love, love the crown and mask! I think ‘creativity gifts’ are wonderful for little ones!

  11. Lovely projects! Those socks look nice and warm – I love BFL sock yarn!

  12. Great projects, the legwarmers are awesome looking!

  13. Boy, you have been so busy!! Everything looks great!

  14. Great projects! I’m learning that with a great yarn, you don’t have to get all fancy with patterns…the yarn just shines. The crown and mask are perfect. I wish I had been knitting when my daughter would have worn those.

  15. The crown and mask are so cute! Great for dress-up and pretend play.

  16. Very impressive! and creative.

  17. Your socks look very nice. I love the mask, such a great little gift for a young girl. You really should give Downton a try. I fought the urge for a long time then regretted having waited so long. It’s a beautiful show with great characters.

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