Swap hat

Word Lily knitsOne of my groups on Ravelry is having a hat swap for our babies, and my swap partner received the hat I made, so I can finally unveil this secret!

I made Leethal’s Wobble Bass hat.

Seen here modeled on my little guy.


My project page on Ravelry.

I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in color Blue Flannel for the main color, and a little bit of my handspun (n-plied merino, hand-dyed by Hello Yarn, in a Yarn School colorway, I forget which one). (Man, I should really look that up.)


This was a tough project for me, but I’m pretty thrilled with how it turned out, although it’s not without its flaws. I might have been pushing the envelope a bit, using super bulky yarn to make a baby/toddler-sized hat, but it still worked. The pattern is awesome, a very engaging (heh) knit and the finished object is pretty fun, if you ask me.

You can see my kitchener in garter stitch here, it didn't completely disappear. My tension must have been off.

You can see my kitchener in garter stitch here, it didn’t completely disappear. My tension must have been off.

Here are a couple more photos, just for grins.


I’ve wanted to try my hand at Leethal’s patterns for quite a while, and this won’t be my only foray. But I might have to make this hat again first, so I don’t have to rely on (digital) photographs as proof of this summit conquered.

The recipient, elpalchica, posted about the hat today, too. I’m so glad she likes it!

Have you participated in swaps before?

Wanna see more? Check out FO Friday and Fiber Arts Friday.


37 responses to “Swap hat

  1. What a great looking hat!!!!!!!! Asa sure seems happy!!

  2. What a cool hat! and it looks great on your little one. Hope your swap partner loves it to bits.

  3. That is a great looking hat and your little guy models it well!

  4. Lovely hat, lovely model!

  5. Cute hat, super adorable model! Is there a furry creature in the background of one of those shots? LOL

  6. Hmmm, that yarn + Asa’s eyes = gold. Well, blue, but you know what I mean.

  7. The hat is adorable! It looks so cute on both your son and the recipients son.

  8. Lovely hat! And the model is gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend.

    Here’s my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-42/

  9. Cute hat + model! I’ve never done a swap before, sounds interesting..what’s the group?

  10. What came first…darling baby or darling hat? Hmmm….would the hat be that cute without the baby….I don’t think so! LOL! You did a great job (on both)!

  11. Wonderful! Your little one is a fantastic model too 🙂

  12. Oh, I hope you’ll make him one in this colourway, too…it’s perfect with his eyes! XO-

  13. What a cute hat! And he is such a cutie!

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  15. What a happy baby!!! The hat looks great, but the baby makes the shot!

  16. That’s a great hat. I’ve had my eye on one of Lethal’s patterns for a long time too.

  17. That is one perfectly stylish hat! Looks so cute on your little one, too. Love the colors and unique design.

  18. Cute! I am adding this to the list for the sudden rash of babies I seem to find myself in need of knitting for.

  19. What a cute hat and what a super cute model!

  20. Adorable hat on an adorable baby!

  21. The hat is beautiful! And the colour looks adorably with his eyes.

  22. The cuteness of the hat is only surpassed by the cuteness of your son 🙂

  23. Seriously Hannah. I want to cry everytime I see his sweet little face (in a good, breathtaking way). He just looks so full of joy!

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