Random Tuesday

I feel like I’m coming out of a long fog. I don’t feel like I’ve really started 2013 yet, despite the fact that not only is January long gone, so is my birthday and, heck, even President’s Day. I was sick, the LO was sick, for a very long time. It felt interminable. We’re basically well now, but I’m tired. Oh, and at the same time? The babe was also going through a massive sleep regression and a wonder week. I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but my back will be oh-so happy when I don’t spend an hour or more a day rocking him to try to get him to nap.

We’re expecting a snow storm late tomorrow into Thursday, and I’m excited. I’d be more excited if we were in the 16+inches band, but 12-16 inches will have to do, I guess. Maybe the little guy will get to go sledding, finally? I’m planning to start some beans today, so I can make chili.

My reading has been decent to pretty good for me so far this year, given the reality of an almost-toddler. But I need to find more reading time, stat, as INSPYs reading ramps up. I’m hoping to review at least some of the books I’ve read recently, so hopefully the blog won’t go completely dark. I have goals, plans, people!

I’m still working on that blanket, that I started forever ago, but I think the end is in sight. Maybe. If all goes as planned, I should finish the actual knitting in the next week. Then there are tons of ends to weave in and a border to add. I’m still not sure what color to make the edging, nor how wide it should be. I’m looking forward to working on a quicker project, though, once it’s done, that’s for sure!

We got a deep freeze — a small chest freezer — and I’m trying to figure out how to organize it (not the hard part) and how to determine what goes in the dinky refrigerator-freezer and what goes downstairs in the chest freezer.

That’s it for now! The sun is shining here, despite the cold today. How are you all doing on this Tuesday (random or otherwise)?


6 responses to “Random Tuesday

  1. Oh, sorry to see y’all have been sick but I’m glad to know you’re better now!

  2. Sorry to hear about the sickness in the house. It is that time of the year unfortunately.
    Things are well with me. books have been good, knitting not so bad, but I’m itching to CO another project. I really shouldn’t, but….I don’t we’ll see 🙂
    Enjoy your snowfall and chili making!

  3. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    tbh I don’t think 2013 has started for real.

  4. We used to have a deep freeze before we switched to a second refrigerator. You’ll find yourself tweaking what you keep where quite a big, I’m sure. My recommendation is to keep an inventory near your freezer so you don’t forget things that may slide down to the bottom.

  5. Being sick with a little one who is also sick is the worst. I’m glad you guys are finally coming out the other side!

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