Second verse, same as the first, a little bit longer …

Word Lily knitsAKA WIP Wednesday (I first talked about this blanket here not all that long ago, at least in number of posts.)


Like I said yesterday, I should finish knitting the stripes themselves in the next week, hopefully sooner. But even when I get to that point, I’ll still have ends to weave in and a edging to add. I think I’ll decide how deep to make the border as I go. I’m hoping to counteract the curling at least a little. (I know I can’t eliminate it completely, and I’m OK with that.)

I’m still enjoying this blanket, but it’s pretty heavy on my lap (not a problem on snow days, of course) and I’m looking forward to being done with it at this point (I seem to always get to this point with projects). I do think I’ll love the finished product, though.

What are you working on today (crafty or otherwise)?

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9 responses to “Second verse, same as the first, a little bit longer …

  1. It looks like Asa loves it already!

  2. Wow!!!! Good luck finishing.

  3. wow! Awesome work…I know how long that took you.


  4. If you’d described this to me without me already seeing it party done, I never would have thought I would have liked those colors together but I just love this! Once again wishing I knew how to knit!

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