11 months

My baby is 11 months old. Not a baby much longer. His nose has changed a bit, it’s no longer the baby nose. We’re planning a birthday party. (Need to get those invitations done!)


He claps, he waves, he climbs stairs unaided. He’s very interested in being walked around (hanging on to your fingers). He dances (happy tummy dance, to music, to the music in his head). He initiates games (peek-a-boo, row your boat, a bouncing game). He’s started trying to play tug with Maisie (she’s still a bit strong for him).

He signed his first word yesterday: More. He says Mama and Dada, and a couple other words we haven’t figured out the meaning of yet. His babbling is starting to sound more and more like real words and even short sentences. He’s starting to communicate — to be understood, even, and that’s thrilling to me.

He has eight teeth and is very close to having two more.

He has a lot of hair. It’s not long, but it has definite volume.

He’s starting to transition (or maybe already has and I’m just still in denial) to only one nap each day. He often needs more, but sleep is hard for him.

He’s very adventurous, but he likes to know Mama is near, especially in new social situations. He only just started to cry when I leave him.

Note: I wrote the following two paragraphs when he was just over 8 months, intending to add to it, polish it, and post it at 9 months. Oops.

He’s always pushing the boundaries. I’m not talking about obedience. Before he could really stand, he was trying to pivot. Before he could solidly support himself, he was attempting to crouch down and pick something up off the floor, while standing. Before he could stand unsupported, he was placing one of his hands on a door knob and opening, closing, opening, while still trying to balance, with only support from the other hand.

And while it’s exasperating and sometimes scary to watch, at least for this parent, it’s also inspiring and thrilling. He’s constantly growing and pushing himself. Reaching new heights (literally and figuratively). Learning new skills and tackling challenging feats.


15 responses to “11 months

  1. Aw, what a sweetheart! That’s such a wonderful age!

  2. He is so cute! He seems to be quite tall as well. Good luck with those teeth 🙂

  3. That’s a great age and he’s so lovely! I know what you mean about finding their exploration scary to watch sometimes, I feel like that too.

  4. Exasperated and scary yet thrilling. Yes–perfectly worded Hannah and its exactly what I love (and what frustrates me) about motherhood. Asa is such a beautiful little boy and I love the joy that shines from his face. Though I hope for your sake the two naps lasts a bit longer. We were spoiled with them until 15 months! I look forward to seeing what you have planned for his birthday!

    • I’d like the 2 naps a day to last longer, too, but I think I’ve been pushing it, and being unsuccessful, which is worse than if I just accepted the fact that he’s napping once a day. We’ll see. Maybe after the current wonder week’s fussiness is over?

  5. Maybe when he gives up the 2nd nap, the single nap will be longer and you’ll be able to get more done!
    He still looks like a baby to me, but my two have both sprouted their teenaged noses, now.

  6. Oh my how time just flies! I remember waiting and waiting to hear the news of his birth. He is adorable!

  7. 11 months! Already? He’s a beautiful boy Hannah and what a great age… it is so fun to watch them learn and understand.

  8. What a handsome little man. I cannot believe how quickly they are growing up!

  9. That pushing the boundaries is one of those traits that makes being a parent difficult but is going to serve him so well as an adult! He’s quite the little man now!

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