Weeding the shelves

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I’ve been weeding the shelves again lately, but they’re still overburdened. I’m still weighted down by the wealth of unread tomes. Despite my most recent culling, I’ve still got too many books. (Not possible, you say? Well, space constraints and more importantly my well-being beg to differ.)

My idea, recently, to further lift this weight from my shoulders and shelves, has been to take, say, a month and devote all my reading time therein to either reading or starting and abandoning as many of the books that I don’t think I’ll love as I can.

Given: that I have much more trouble getting rid of books that I haven’t read (all the potential book love!) than I do books that I’ve read.

Potential hazard: Since I have such trouble abandoning books once I’ve started reading them, a month might only get me through a handful of titles (at best).

Potential pitfall: This is, essentially, a plan to spend a given duration of time NOT enjoying my reading, since the goal is to make decisions about the ones I don’t think I’ll love — or at least that there’s potential I’ll hate.

Is this crazy?

Have you ever done something similar or thought about it? Is there a better length of time for such a project, do you think?


10 responses to “Weeding the shelves

  1. Not crazy…. but I know I would need more than a month. Like you, in a months time I would probably only get through 10 or so… so many books I want to read….. I already use dvd, my Ipod, my phone, and my car as well as paper books to get them in 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Yeah, a month would hopefully make some kind of a dent, but clearly (heh) wouldn’t empty the shelves. I’m not sure I could stand to subject myself to it for longer, though!

  2. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I’ve thought of doing this before and I think it’s a great idea! I hope you chronicle the journey in some detail here.

    Also, Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. I like this idea a lot – although I’m like you and I have such a hard time giving up on books. I’m thinking of starting to ask my readers about thoughts on books I’m unsure of. It’s sooo hard to give them up, isn’t it?!

    • I’ve tried the asking other people thing, but too often that’s backfired on me, too. I’ll ask my husband, who is very picky about the books he reads, I’ll say, “This doesn’t look like my kind of book, does it?” And even asking in such a leading way (when I’m really just looking for confirmation that it’s a good book to weed), it ends up getting put back on the shelf. Sigh. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I have, though!

  4. I have thought about this quite a lot. But the thing is.. I might need a year or two to do it.. And even then, I always set out to clean out my shelves, but looking through them even the titles least appealing to me start making me feel that perhaps.. one day.. I might still like to read them? I’d definitely be interested in reading about your experiences on this journey though.. Perhaps it will motivate me to finally take the plunge myself.

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