(W)rambly Wednesday

How ’bout some random rambling this fine Wednesday?

  • I’m actually reading two books right now, one fiction and one nonfiction. This is weird for monogomous-reader me. But it’s not unheard of. And in actuality, this looks more like I’m reading the novel while the nonfiction brick waits for me to reach the novel’s end. Maybe I’ll talk about books tomorrow?
  • I ordered the linen to make this skirt. A few iterations of it, actually. I might get to the store today for the waistband fabric, too.
  • My mom attempted to teach me to sew when I was a child, just like everything else. But unlike, say, crochet, sewing didn’t stick. I felt horrible at it, and the sewing machine needle scares me. I made some gargantuan roman shades a few years ago — with tons of help — but I’m still skittish about sewing. Hopefully these skirts work out and I love them, though! I really want to.
  • I feel like just in the last … month, maybe? Or less? I’ve actually started using Pinterest the way it’s most often used. I’m pinning to a variety of boards, finding inspiration and ideas both on and off Pinterest. This seems weird. But good.
  • I cleaned out my closet this week, removing everything that doesn’t fit and/or I hate. I was left with a small fraction of the original, but we’ll see if it’s actually too few items or not. I’d feel better if the stack of stuff I removed was actually out of the bedroom, though …
  • The bulk of what I removed is too-big shirts. Maybe I need to do some t-shirt reconstruction? Any suggestions on where to start? (See related: Fear of sewing, above.)
  • A is becoming more and more of a walker. He still crawls and cruises some, but he’s just as likely to walk without holding on.
  • Teething is really awful. Why isn’t there a less painful way to get teeth?
  • I’ve actually been spinning a bit lately, which is awesome. I’m looking forward to participating in Tour de Fleece again this year.
  • I’m actually starting to feel confident in my stranded colorwork knitting abilities! I’m working on A’s Christmas stocking, and I like the way it’s looking so far.

OK, that’s probably enough for today. I could go on, but if I stop now, this will actually get published today, whereas if I continue rambling, that may not be the case.

How’s your Wednesday? What’s going on in your world?


7 responses to “(W)rambly Wednesday

  1. I look forward to seeing how your skirts turn out. I want to try making a jersey maxi skirt sometime this summer.

    As far as tutorials for refashioning t shirts, etc. Have you checked out Merrick’s Art? I think I have a few of her tutorials pinned.

  2. You should talk to Lisa–I know that she’s done a lot of upcycling of clothes in the past and she might have some pointers or websites for you. I don’t know what it is about garment clothing sewing that intimidates me but I’ve just never gotten into it. I did have a few little outfits pinned to make for Elle but never got around to them. There are also several handbags that I’ve seen that I would love to whip up. I just don’t know where to start. We need a retreat weekend where we can all just be crafty alone and together without men or babies. 🙂

    In the beginning I most re-pinned from Pinterest but then there started to be so much spam that I finally just stopped and started pinning directly from websites. It means I don’t pin as much as I used to but it also means that it’s easier to find things. Sometimes. 😉

    Yay for walking? In some ways this felt like a good thing…in other ways not so much. I still carry Elle more than I probably should, especially in public.

    • Yeah, the walking thing feels good and bad. I’m a little sad my baby’s growing up! But I’m glad he’s gaining confidence and independence, etc. I’ll ask Lisa about the t-shirts, thanks!

      A crafty retreat weekend would be awesome, wouldn’t it!? 😀

      I feel like I should re-organize my pin boards (does that sound familiar?). Seems like everyone ends up using it differently than they anticipated when they first set it up.

  3. Good luck with the sewing! I tried to learn as a child as well and was a complete failure. Of course, I’m not crafty at all.

  4. My mom can sew but no matter how many times I tried to use that sewing machine I failed!

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