More socks

Word Lily knitsIt seems my default knitting, at least these days, is socks. And while the knitting itself might not be completely thrilling in the moment, I end up with hand-knit socks, which is a definite yay!

I think I finally realized that the reason I probably sound so ho-hum about so many projects lately is just that I haven’t really had any challenging (other than perhaps challenging my endurance) projects in over a year now, since before A was born. I’ve had a couple that weren’t the simplest, but they were hats. Small projects that, even with setbacks, didn’t really count as challenging because they were so short-lived. Maybe if there were more of them, they’d add up to … challenging (apparently I need a thesaurus today), but since there were really just one or two, they didn’t count.

I’m ready to get back to some projects that tease the mind, that engage my brain! And I think I know at least one thing I’m going to do to accomplish that. But first, here are those socks.




These Blue Latte socks (as I call them) were begun in desperation. We were on a road trip, and in my restraint I’d only packed yarn and needles to cast on for a pair of simple socks. But the yarn and needles, in combination, were disastrous. This yarn, which I’ve now attempted half a dozen pattern and stitch count combinations with, pools in a way that drives me completely bonkers. I can’t stand it. No idea what I’m going to do with it. But that’s a story for a different day. So anyway, after being stuck most of the way to our destination without knitting, after attempting everything I could with what I had for that aggravating yarn, I went straightaway to buy more cooperative sock yarn once we’d reached our destination. But this yarn seemed like it needed a pattern, not just plain, so I cast on for the pattern I’d most recently completed, since I’d retained it in my head well enough to get going.

So that’s how I ended up making these socks — using a pattern I’d already made, which is quite rare for me. They’re good socks. But let me tell you, fourth sock syndrome makes second sock syndrome look like a weenie.

Pattern: Vanilla Latte Socks A good, simple, pattern, but I’m not likely to make again, at least not any time soon.
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks FX in cadet colors
Notes: 64 stitches, star toe; photos are pre-blocking



These are just basic socks, but they’re still fun, I think. I didn’t think attempting a pattern with this bold a yarn would be smart, or worth my time. Mostly stripes, but with a few waves/scallops thrown in. Vibrant and fun!

Pattern: Um, just a basic sock. I calculated for the stitch counts, but this is in my head.
Yarn: Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett in exotic ember
Notes: I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of stripes.

What have you been working on lately?

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19 responses to “More socks

  1. Wowza! Fourth sock syndrome. I don’t think I could handle that. I have found certain yarns just want a simple sock pattern too. The yarn does all of the talking.

  2. displacermoose

    Have you tried with your pooling yarn? It’s a simple pattern, but I’ve had good luck with it dramatically reducing fugly.

    • I haven’t. I’m hesitant to do any of the patterns with those long floats on the right side of the fabric. Do you not have trouble with them reducing the give of the fabric or catching on things?

      I’ve nearly decided I’ll have to make another pair of Monkey socks (what I had to do with the last yarn that was so curmudgeonly), but I really don’t want to. Sigh.

  3. displacermoose

    The floats are really only two stitches wide since you catch them in the middle. With a normal sock gage that leaves much less to get caught that you’d think. I haven’t had any trouble with them. They aren’t the most springy socks I own, but they still fit comfortably and don’t sag. I did re-do the heel, though. No linen stitch heels for me.

  4. I’d knit all the time if I could make socks like those! I’m amazed at how even all your stitches are!

  5. Ah pooling socks…hate when that happens and try as we may, the pooling never gets better. One of the reasons I stopped socks.
    Although, just found a pair I started back in 2009, yes 2009, so I am currently finishing them.

    Lace is good for a semi-challenging project. pattern then relax. Hope you find something that piques your fancy 🙂

  6. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    aw they look cozy

  7. I almost never use a repeat pattern either. Too many good patterns out there, too little time!

  8. Those are great socks. I can’t imagine getting four done. I do mine toe up two at a time or i would never finish – and quite honestly I’m not doing well even that way. The stripes and waves are great on the second pair.

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