Stripey stripey blanket

Word Lily knitsHappy Friday! I’m posting about a blanket, and it’s ridiculously hot outside, but maybe this can remind us of cooler weather? At long last, I finished the striped blanket I was working on (blogged earlier).

blanket on bed without flash

It’s pictured here on our queen-sized bed, but it’s intended eventual use will be for A’s [twin] bed, once he’s out of the crib. It will be more bedspread sized. I think I was working a bit ahead of the need. :p This blanket has already seen use, both on the guest bed and for curling up on the couch. (I finished the knitting *and* the crocheted border in February — so less than two months of actual stitching — but it took me until June 5 to get around to weaving in all the ends. So it was mostly finished while there was still need for blankets, at least occasionally.)

Since it’s all in stockinette, it curls some, but putting it on a bed, combined with its own weight (cotton is soft, but it isn’t the lightest fiber around), counteracts that to a large degree. I knew the curling would happen, but I really wanted this blanket to be stockinette. The curling will be not that much of a problem — it will still function just fine for my purposes.

I’m really, really happy with it.

Here’s my Ravelry project page.

Yarn: I used all cotton yarn for this blanket, all reclaimed (unraveled) from old sweaters.

with flash

with flash

As an aside, these photos also give you one view of our bedroom, the one I’m working on decorating (starting with crocheting a headboard). Clearly it’s nothing special now; I’m excited for what it will become, though. Please pay no attention to all the messy surfaces; I clearly didn’t stage the space for this photo!

Photobombed by A.

Photobombed by A.

I just had to include this photo, too. Hm, maybe the tot helps provide scale?

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27 responses to “Stripey stripey blanket

  1. Awwww!!! What a CUTE photobomb!!

  2. Holy cow, that’s amazing! You must be the most patient and diligent person in the whole world to knit that much stockinette in cotton!

  3. Wow! I haven’t had the courage to make a really big blanket. Scared I would never finish it. This is beautiful. Love the colors and the stripes.

    • It’s definitely a commitment. My big one is a queen sized one, of my own design. The stitches are too tricky for while the tot’s about, and it’s too hot on my lap for summer knitting! Progress on that one is slow. 😉

  4. wow it’s gorgeous! And knitting a blanket, respect!

  5. Wow what a mammoth achievement, well done! I love the fact that it’s all made from recycled yarn, something I should do more. Messy surfaces? What mess? You haven’t seen my bedroom 😉

  6. Awesome blanket! That is quite the accomplishment, I must say I am quite envious. A seems to really enjoy it!

  7. Such a cool looking blanket! The stripes and colors make it so awesome. I absolutely love that it is knitted from reclaimed yarn, too. Your A. is adorable!

  8. I adore all of the colors! Only two months? That would have taken me forever. I like that you used cotton.

    • Yeah, less than two months. I was very determined, doing math of how many rows I needed to get done per day, etc. The reclaimed cotton is the softest cotton I’ve found; much softer than commercial cotton, which makes it easier to work with, for me. And I absolutely wanted the blanket to be washable! (Plus, this way? All from stash.)

  9. What a beautiful blanket! It looks soft and comfy, too.

  10. Absolutely love this!

  11. beautiful and quite impressive!

  12. I know I’m late but I wanted to tell you how beautiful this is!! And I know what you mean about working ahead of the need–I’m debating this now with the baby quilt I’m about to start cutting. Do I make something cuddly that baby can use in the next two years or something that she can grow into. I tend to lean towards bigger is better…

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