Tour de Fleece 2013, week 3

Word Lily spinsThe 2013 Tour de Fleece is almost over! Sunday is the last day. I think my production declined this week, in part because I actually took this week’s rest day (Monday), unlike last week.



I’ve had this alpaca roving (not combed top) for years, since I went to Yarn School. This was my first time spinning from actual roving, as well as my first time spinning 100 percent alpaca (I’ve only spun it in blends before). It spun pretty nicely — 30 grams yielded 84 grams of two-ply yarn.

[This wool] began its life (in my possession, anyway) as mill ends, which I dyed. This was yet another attempt at spinning lightweight (hoping for lace weight, again). Note: I intentionally took pictures of this yarn first thing this morning, so I could post them. But now the WordPress uploader is giving me errors, over and over. I don’t want to wait here for this to resolve itself! So, sorry, no photos of this yarn in the blog post. The photos are on Ravelry, though. I didn’t get to lace weight, but it is definitely the thinnest I’ve spun this Tour, and it’s nice and consistent. I’m happy with this yarn. 🙂

Yesterday was challenge day. To challenge myself, I tried something new: I picked a new braid of fiber (Spunky Eclectic’s Tundra on BFL) and attempted to spin long draw from the fold. I was scared before I started, but it was incredibly fun! I shouldn’t be surprised that new fiber arts techniques aren’t as scary as they’re sometimes made out to be, but perhaps my recent frustration with my apparent ability to actually spin lace weight yarn has clouded my judgment. Anyway. This was fun. I’ll definitely use the technique more in the future. No picture of this because it’s still in progress and I haven’t had a chance to take one yet.

There are just a couple days left of the Tour! It should come as no surprise that I won’t be getting everything done that I dreamed of, but there’s still a little time to squeeze a couple things in. I just have to decide what they’ll be. Happy Friday!

Do you ever go full bore at a craft or project, to the detriment of all others? (I haven’t touched a knitting needle all month so far.)

Head over to FO Fridays and Fiber Arts Fridays to see what other people are up to in the fibery world today.


12 responses to “Tour de Fleece 2013, week 3

  1. Love the rav link yarn, so bright! Can’t wait to see your current spinning project.

  2. Yarn School! There IS such a thing?! That’s awesome.
    I love that you tried a new challenge. I’m doing the same with my sock knitting … in fact, just this morning I was looking at the pattern for Fronkenshteek, which would really push the envelope for me 🙂

  3. I’ve enjoyed our conversation during the tour. So glad your challenge of spinning from the fold turned out okay since you’ve been bummed about not spinning lace weight.. I’ve never had much luck with that method….it just makes me nervous!

    • I’ve enjoyed it, too! I was really nervous about it before I actually tried it, also. But now I think I’m going to practice my spinning from the fold some more! 🙂

  4. I go full bore on EVERYTHING! My knitting? I will give it up if it means more hours to spin and weave.

  5. Your spinning is beautiful! My new found love is spinning long draw from the fold, so much faster 😉

  6. I’ve so enjoyed this tour. Can’t believe I was thinking about not playing this year.

    I’m excited there’s a thing called Yarn School… and intrigued that the alpaca was the first roving you’ve spun from…. what have you been spinning from?

    • I learned to spin on combed top, which is often called roving, but technically isn’t. Now I sometimes spin batts, too (especially since Yarn School and my subsequent acquisition of a drum carder).

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