Today in bookish thoughts

I finished my first Henning Mankell book a day or two ago (A Treacherous Paradise), and I’m still not sure what I think or feel about it. Has anyone else read it (and/or other work of his)? I’d love to chat about it!

I might be starting a book club soon. Where do I start? I’ve never done this before, so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A is lately ignoring his toys all day every day (with very few exceptions) and instead insisting on being read to NONSTOP. We bought some more books, we went to the library and borrowed some new books, and the variety is a small improvement, but … my brain feels like it is melting. I don’t think it’s completely true that, at least in this situation, having good, new books will cure my read-aloud woes, as Julie Danielson claims at Kirkus. But, if you have some recommendations for me, I’ll take ’em. (He’s 15 months. We regularly make it all the way through We’re Going on a Bear Hunt — sometimes even 10 times in a row — but Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel is usually too long, although he does like it.) Is he too young to appreciate I Spy books?

Some day I really do think I’ll get around to writing and posting reviews, or at least mini reviews or thoughts of some kind on the books I’ve been reading. But that day is apparently not today.

Happy Sunday!


10 responses to “Today in bookish thoughts

  1. Set down ground rules for your book club from the very start – mine didn’t and it been haphazard ever since. Sometimes I find it very frustrating.

    It’s been so long since Vance was that age that it’s hard for me to recommend books. For one thing, I can’t remember what his favorites were and, for another, they’ve come out with a lot of new books since then. I got so sick of a book about trucks that he wanted to hear over and over and over again that I hid it for a few weeks. I’m not proud of that now but I had to save my sanity.

    • Ground rules such as? How should we pick books?

      I really do love that my kiddo is loving books, but sometimes I just don’t think I can read anything one more time! (I never thought I’d be thinking about him loving books as a problem/frustration, but here I am …)

  2. My biggest complaint about my book clubs is how we choose books but like Kathy suggests if those rules aren’t up front it’s hard to instill them later. With my work club we all suggest books and then draw a winner but I liked it better years ago (a different version of work book club) where we all were responsible for a month. Really puts pressure on person to think about the book she is picking! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    I wish I had some advice on the books. Elle loves being read to but doesn’t ever insist on it. I DO wish that she played better with her toys, though. Would make it much easier when I’m cooking dinner in the evenings if she could entertain herself rather than stand underfoot. I often let her help but that has it’s own frustrations (how many times do I have to tell her that stove is hot!!!). Hope you can find some relief!

  3. I just finished listening to a Henning Mankell and wasn’t thrilled (my review will post Tuesday). He had some interesting ideas but it was kind of all over the place. I’m on the fence about trying him again.

  4. My daughter is 17 months, and wow sometimes I just want to stab out my eyes for all the repetition. I love all of Sandra Boynton’s books, do you have any of those? They are simple but amusing, so it keeps them fresh for a little longer than some of the others. I can’t wait until we can move away from board books…though for now she is a book destroyer so I don’t dare… Best of luck!

  5. Glad there’s been an improvement in variety, if not much, because yes, as awesome as it is he’s enjoying books you do need that variety to keep you sane! My nephew’s been enjoying poetry, we’re actually reading slightly older works to him (for example T S Elliot) because although he doesn’t really understand it he loves the rhyming, and it helps us, too.

  6. Ah, book clubs. SO HARD to get off the ground but once it starts, usually it continues to build. As for ‘rules’, our club rotates the pick and that person can dictate one choice or bring in for a vote. We also set the next date to meet so we only have a vague ‘third Thursday’ but can be flexible. We created a group on Facebook to ask questions of the where/when and “what’s the book again?” as well as post fun book stuff.
    I’m trying to get together a ‘serious’ club because I was getting bored with the chicklit choices lately but can’t find a date when everyone can meet and there are only 4 of us! so frustrating. GOOD LUCK!

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