A long-awaited headboard

Word Lily knitsMixing home decor and our knitting and/or crocheting. This frequently takes the form of pillows and blankets, right? Maybe every once in a while a curtain, towel, or lamp.

I had this idea last year, while I was thinking of what I wanted to do to our bedroom, for a crocheted headboard.

Bamboo is something I’ve made for years and years now. This was really just a variation on a theme for me.

The headboard itself.

The headboard itself.

The bamboo headboard was more than a year from start to finish, but now it’s done! Done, done, DONE! I finished the crocheting in January, and then it was squarely in the hands of my handy husband. We’d discussed it along the way, and I sized each crocheted tube to fit around a PVC pipe. It’s not like I was working without thought to the installation framework. At some points I wondered if it would ever get finished.

With a bit of context.

With a bit of context.

I used a wide variety of yarn, all from my stash. Thirteen of the 28 bamboo stalks are from reclaimed sweater yarn, mostly cotton ones but not entirely. There are also stalks of silk/bamboo yarn (I thought that was appropriate), wool, wool/mohair, some wool/acrylic blends, and even a bit of novelty yarn. More details on the yarn used are available on my Ravelry project page.

The structure is PVC and a couple 2x4s, essentially. One of the 2x4s has pipe-sized holes drilled all the way through it, and another, maybe 6 inches lower, just has cups the same size for the bamboo pieces to rest in. The two 2x4s are affixed to sidebars, which we put some thin oak? veneer — something prettier than 2×4 — on the outside of. And then the whole thing is bolted to the bedframe.

A peek behind the scenes, as it were. The framework.

A peek behind the scenes, as it were. The framework.

I do not intend the stripey blanket to be used as a bedspread, this is a bit too over the top for me, but you can see it with the new wall color here, too, I guess. And it's too hot for a bedspread in the summer.

I do not intend the stripey blanket to be used as a bedspread, this is a bit too over the top for me, but you can see it with the new wall color here, too, I guess. And it’s too hot for a bedspread in the summer.

Below, you can see it in the greater context of bedroom. The citron nightstand is new, and can you see the spinning wheel lamp on said nightstand? That’s new to me, too. Now if I could only get the surfaces cleaned off …

The wide view.

The wide view.

Are you knitting or crocheting? Sewing? Remaking part of your home? I’d love to hear about it. You can see what others are up to in the fibery world today at Fiber Arts Friday.


25 responses to “A long-awaited headboard

  1. Vicki Lynn Hasting

    You are so very creative. I love the idea and I love the way it turned out!

    By the way, have you read The Light Between Oceans by Stedman? It is a very worthwhile read and will be our fall read for book club.

  2. What a fab project, it looks great and very unique.

  3. Super idea for a headboard…and what a lot of work!!

  4. That is so creative and lovely, you did such a great job!

  5. Looks like a true labor of love. Enjoy!


  6. As I mentioned on Rav. I love this idea… you have me thinking of something similar for our place. 😉

  7. Oh my gosh, that’s fantastic!!

  8. nmccarroll2014

    You are ingenuous! What a cool concept, and it looks so great with your spread. Talented galore!

  9. Now that is cool!

  10. How cool is that?! And so unique – I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  11. That is amazing!!! Love the colors!

  12. gorgeous and so very creative. That blanket knocked my socks off too (well er, it would if I’d been wearing socks!) 🙂

  13. What a really cool idea!! And it turned out great. I imagine everytime you crawl into bed you get a great big smile on your face. You already know what I’m working on–I’m mostly done quilting Evie’s quilt–I’m actually going to attempt free motion quilting in the empty space, though. So I’ll be practicing for a bit. Eeeep! And then the hexies–I need to lay them out and see if I have enough.

    Thanks for showing us your finished project! I love seeing what you’re working on.

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