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Yarn School recap: What I made

The following certainly isn’t all that happened at Yarn School, but bite-sized chunks are good, right? These are batts I made on the Yarn School drum carders: The first yarn I successfully chain-plyed (also called Navajo plying): I didn’t take … Continue reading

Yarn School approacheth

My long-anticipated trip to Yarn School is nearly upon me! A week from today, it’ll be underway. I’m tremendously excited to expand my spinning skills and get some hands-on experience with dyeing fiber — not to mention simply some intensive … Continue reading

Tour de Fleece 2013, week 3

The 2013 Tour de Fleece is almost over! Sunday is the last day. I think my production declined this week, in part because I actually took this week’s rest day (Monday), unlike last week. I’ve had this alpaca roving (not … Continue reading

Swap hat

One of my groups on Ravelry is having a hat swap for our babies, and my swap partner received the hat I made, so I can finally unveil this secret! I made Leethal’s Wobble Bass hat. Seen here modeled on … Continue reading

Back to spinning

Next time, if you notice it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my spinning? Bug me. Because, Why, why, why do I go so long without doing something I so love? Spinning this was … blissful. The process brought … Continue reading

Knit, knit, knit

What I’m not posting about today • I could post about the yarn I spun, from the batts I posted last week — except the yarn is still on the bobbins. • The project I’ve been spending most of the … Continue reading

Word Lily’s 2010 in fiber arts: A retrospective

I experienced quite a few fiber arts firsts in the last year. I intentionally stretched myself. Although I didn’t quite accomplish every single goal, I’m happy with the progress I made. In 2010 I: Began designing released Hedgerows as a … Continue reading

Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning

I’ve been spinning, and it’s lovely! I had been almost aching to get back to the spinning wheel. I’m working on a larger spinning project now, about 6 ounces of merino. I’m into my last ounce, and then I’ll 2-ply … Continue reading