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Word Lily’s 2010 in fiber arts: A retrospective

I experienced quite a few fiber arts firsts in the last year. I intentionally stretched myself. Although I didn’t quite accomplish every single goal, I’m happy with the progress I made.

    In 2010 I:

  • Began designing
    • released Hedgerows as a free pattern
    • Hedgerows in greys

    • and have several other patterns in various stages of completion.
  • Knit with my own handspun yarn for the first time (and several subsequent times).
  • Did some intensive spinning, including spinning every day of the Tour de Fleece.
  • Attended Yarn School and my first fiber festival.
    • Took my first forays into dyeing and fiber prep.
    • I fell in love with drum carding, spinning from batts, and dyeing fiber.

I plan to continue branching out in these directions — I was surprised with a drum carder for Christmas!


Best reads 2010

Not all of these books were published in 2010; what they have in common is that I *read* them in 2010. Well, they have other traits in common, perhaps most notably that they’re all fiction this year. These are not necessarily the universal, objective bests; these are the books that most sunk into me, became a part of me.

Best reads, 2010 (in some order)

Wounded: A Love Story by Claudia Mair Burney (2008)
I read this one in February, and it definitely settled into me. I’ve compared countless books to it, held it up as a shining example. I fell in love. This is what Christian fiction should be.

A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz (2009)
One of my first forays into science fiction, and I loved it. A brilliant book, and I’ve been pushing it on people left and right.

Lucky Baby by Meredith Efken (2010)
I laughed, I cried. A beautiful, touching book.

City of Tranquil Light by Bo Caldwell (2010)
I think I loved everything about this book. I love the China setting, the dual perspectives, the characters, the language. Not the fastest-moving book on the list, certainly, but gorgeous. Wonderfully evocative.

Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart (2010)
The setting shines in this book, mostly about a girl’s internal life. It revealed an aspect of this favorite author that I knew existed but that I hadn’t experienced before.

Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers (2010)
Sadly, I haven’t yet read the second book of this duology (Thank you, Twitter, for helping me recall that word!), but I was thrilled by Rivers this outing.

The Fiddler’s Green by A.S. “Pete” Peterson (2010) (review pending)
I just finished this one, so I haven’t written my review yet. I’ll just say it’s thrilling to watch a writer come into his/her own like Pete does in this second book of his debut duology, just as Jason Gray said.

Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson (2010)
A beautiful story of healing, poignantly told. I’m looking forward to reading more from Samson in 2011.

The Mailbox by MaryBeth Whalen (2010)
This is a book that feels deeply. Really a great story.

The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry (2009)
A great blend of drama and action, with excellent characters and a heart-rending back story.

All of these books were published recently, with the oldest originally released in 2008. I’m planning to read more old books in 2011. I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t read many of the ‘big’ books this year, but I’m also not. I’m happy with the books I did read, although — as in any year — I’ve got some titles on my shelves that I wish I had time for, now.

Discovered authors, 2010
(other than those mentioned above):

Sibella Giorello (The Rivers Run Dry)
Mitali Perkins (Secret Keeper)
Jean Kwok (Girl in Translation)
Kersten Hamilton (Tyger Tyger)
Mary DeMuth (Daisy Chain)

Some of the above books were provided to me for review.

Happy New Year, all! I hope 2011 is a great year — reading and otherwise — for each of you.