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Interview with Louisa of Words I Write Crazy

I’m pleased today to welcome Louisa of Words I Write Crazy to Word Lily! She’s pretty new to the blogging scene (and she lives in Canada).

Word Lily: What’s the best book you’ve read so far in 2011?

Winky, with Dobby in the lower right corner

Louisa: The best book I’ve read this year is Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon, just loved to see Nick (the MC) as a kid. Plus it had SK’s regular humour. 🙂

Word Lily: Which of your blog posts are you most proud of, and why?

Louisa: The blog posts I’m most proud of are my author interviews, because I want to show off these authors, and so that I can say when they get published, “Hey, I interviewed this author back when…” and that’d be a nice feeling to feel. 🙂

Word Lily: You write, and I’m not talking about blogging. What are you working on now?

Louisa: Right now, I have 30 Word docs open. Of them, 24 are the WIPs I’m writing at the moment, and of those 24 are short stories, and one of those is done, and I just have to spell check it, like “Since who didn’t like being the big bad man that they coudln almost, soorparte guy, who would do things that people didn’t want beenot think about ,adn that woudl be the boobyg many of money? The one that people wcould warn their chilgren about?” Yeah, there are a lot of spelling mistakes. But I wrote it in 10 min, so that’s ok 🙂 But the main book is May’s book, Killer Road Trip, which is about this girl who gets kidnapped, and these 3 guys take her on a road trip across the country, commiting crimes, until she gets bored, and then she starts to kill them off one by one 🙂 yep 🙂 she’s evil, and I love it!

Word Lily: What are a few of your favorite blogs to read (bookish or not)?

Louisa: The Story Siren, of course, but since I’ve only been blogging for about 2 weeks, I really only have 1 that I check every day, and that’s my friends’ The Magick Pen.

Word Lily: I see you watch several crime-solving television shows (Bones, NCIS, CSI …) (me too). What, do you think, is the draw of this type of show for you?

Louisa: I dunno. I like how they solve crimes — I really love mysteries. I don’t know why. I just do 🙂

Word Lily: Hey, I have a dog, too! Tell me about yours.

Louisa: I actually have 2 dogs — Dobby and Winky! They are 3 year old Boston terrier beagle crossbreeds, and they are named after the Harry Potter house elves because my dad is a weirdo and liked the name Dobby. They love giving “kisses” AKA licks, they have no respect for personal privacy, they love to beg, they are very warm when they sleep like space heaters, and their paws smell nice when they sleep. Yep 🙂 I love my doggies!!!

Word Lily: You have very vibrant colors in your blog background. What makes those the right choice for you and your blog?

Louisa: I just kinda picked a skin that they had up in the choices, since I would mess anything else up, and I just liked all the colours — they are so colourful, and I like them 🙂 yep. 🙂

Word Lily: Thanks so much, Louisa, for taking the time to drop by Word Lily, even if we were a late getting this put together. 🙂 Have YOU checked out her blog yet?

ETA: You can also read the interview Joy of Edgy Inspirational Romance did with me!


‘Gutteridge is one of my go-to authors’: A guest post by Deborah of Books, Movies and Chinese Food

I’m thrilled to welcome Deborah of Books, Movies and Chinese Food to Word Lily today! She shares my appreciation for Rene Gutteridge and her books, so I’m excited she chose to participate in Rene Gutteridge Week. Plus, I feel like she kind of educates me on the subject of genres in this post. 😛 Thanks again, Deborah!

Rene Gutteridge Week 2011, WordLily.com

I love when an actor who is known for comedy suddenly does a 180 and gives a knockout performance in a serious drama. Not only is the audience caught completely off guard, they are blown away by the incredibly depth of the acting range of that actor. It shows how good an actor that person is because they are able to make the audience forget that they are seeing a guy known for crude slapstick who instead has become fully immersed in a completely different role.

It’s the same thing with an author who can write well in different genres. Rene Gutteridge is one of those authors. Romantic suspense, comedy, chick lit, women’s fiction, screenplay adaptations, she’s done it all. I was first introduced to her writing several years ago by a list of authors that author Camy Tang had put on her website. She had listed several of Rene’s books that should be read, so I figured, well I’ll give her a shot. My first taste of her books was Ghostwriter. And to this day that is my favorite of all her books. I won’t spoil the plot at all but it was such a page turner for me. The remarkable part for me as well was that there were TWO stories being told at the same time. Not just two plots taking place with different characters but a book being written within a book. And I always have high respect for authors who are able to juggle two completely different story lines into one manuscript. From then, I was sold. I knew I had to read more of Gutteridge’s books.

After Ghostwriter I read: Boo (small town charm, often called “Mitford on Steroids”) and its sequels, My Life as a Doormat (chick lit), The Storm series (romantic suspense), The Occupational Hazard series (I call this comedy) as well as several other stand alone books. ALL of them are written well and are distinct from each other. There are some authors who try to write in different genres — say, historical fiction and mystery — but you can still see them using the same formula, same plot devices in the books. With Rene’s books, they are different from each other, almost to the point where you don’t realize it’s the same author. However, I can’t explain it, but there’s still a certain trademark where you know it’s her books. She is one of my go-to authors, the ones where I know that I will enjoy the book no matter what genre she’s writing in.

Thanks so much, Deborah! And, friends? If you read Christian fiction and don’t follow her fabulous blog, you’re seriously missing out.

Thanks to Tyndale, I have three copies of Gutteridge’s latest, Possession [my review], to give away this week. And one of those giveaways is now! Enter to win a copy of Possession by Rene Gutteridge by leaving a comment on this post. (One entry per person per giveaway; sorry, U.S. only.) I’ll accept entries through Friday, January 28, 2011. The first giveaway is still open, as well.

Edited to add: This giveaway is now closed. See who won.

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