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Reading preferences: Format shift

Since I’ve become pregnant, it seems everything is in flux. Nothing is constant anymore. (Was it ever? But that’s a post for another time.) Among the things changing: My preference for book format. I’ve long preferred hardcovers and trade paperbacks, while shunning mass market paperbacks. Sure, they’re smaller, but they don’t lay open for anything, and they tend to fall apart so much more quickly! I’ve also found the interior layouts to generally be sub-par as well.

But now, since I can’t lay on my stomach to read anymore — I’ve always read a lot in bed — and am relegated to my side, I’ve found hardcovers incredibly cumbersome and heavy! Now, the small dimensions of the mass market are attractive! I’ve even considered not reading anything in hardcover except for maybe at lunch, where it can rest on the table during this time.

Except that would require me to depart from my long-held book monogamy. Hrm.

Do you ever find that your preferences have changed?