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Where’s Word Lily?

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around here much lately. If you’re wondering why, and/or where I’ve been spending my time instead, here’s the answer.


I’ve been focusing on exercising. After ramping up gradually (I started verrry small), I’m now spending about 5 hours each week getting my heart rate up. Alas, I didn’t get 5 extra hours added to my week to accommodate this, and I think it’s become clear that some of that time was borrowed from blogging time.

No Apology

I’m not apologizing for this, though. This change is a very positive one not only for my body but also for me as a whole, interconnected being.

I haven’t disappeared completely, and I don’t plan to. (I also don’t plan for this to become an exercise blog, not that that would necessarily be a bad thing.)


Going forward, I hope to carve out time to be a little more present here. This transition only started a few months ago, and every few weeks I’m redefining, tweaking. But hopefully as this becomes more of a habit, it will take less mental energy. Maybe.

I did join Amanda’s 52-52-52 Challenge, as well as the 100 Mile Fitness Challenge (I’m aiming for at least 200 miles.)

Anyway, that’s kinda what’s going on with me. How have you been?

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