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Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival, report & loot

Batt with sari silk

Batt with sari silk

Batt with sparkly stuff

Batt with sparklies — I bought these two batts on two different days, from two different vendors, but they're remarkably similar. I think they're destined to be plyed together, oui?

4 ounces Polwarth combed top

I bought this because Polwarth is a fiber I've been wanting to try.


I'm spinning BFL for the first time now, and I'm loving it. When I saw this colorway, in BFL, I was in love.

When I found out about Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival [via Ravelry], I was thrilled because I’ve never been able to attend a full-blown fiber festival — all the big ones are airplane rides away, and even in terms of small ones, the closest I’d previously unearthed was 8+ hours away. Iowa Sheep and Wool is only 4.5 or 5 hours away, awesome! 😀

I floated the idea to Mom that she attend with me, but at first I thought it wouldn’t work. She lives a couple states further away, and it’s turning out to be a crazy summer. Right up until the day before, it wasn’t definite whether we were going or not. But we were both getting excited, and I’m thrilled to say it worked out.

We drove over Saturday morning and went straight to the fairgrounds, where the event is held. We looked around, walked through the hall of breeds, the fleece show and silent auction and the vendor area. A few things grabbed me, but the sun and mugginess left me spent in a few hours, so we headed out to find our hotel and food.

Sunday morning we were up early, and after traversing mostly empty streets in a downpouring thunderstorm, we took a fiber dyeing class. I was thankful for the cooler air while we stood over steaming wool!

After our class, we hit the vendors again and then headed home. See what leaped into my hands? The fiber we dyed isn’t dry yet, so I’ll have to show you that another day.

Wool/nylon blend sock yarn singles

The blue here isn't as intense as I'd like, but hey. Side note: This is the only yarn I came home with.