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Too Far to Say Far Enough by Nancy Rue

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Too Far to Say Far Enough by Nancy Rue, book 3 in The Reluctant Prophet series (October 1, 2012, David C. Cook), 512 pages

too far to say far enough

Allison picks up right where she left off, taking care of orphans and women in trouble, along with her unexpected but strong band of helpers who have all felt some form of a Nudge from God to do so.

It took me a little while to remember who everyone was and where we’d left everything when I first picked up Too Far to Say Enough, this third book in a series (trilogy?). I’ve loved this series from the very beginning, and this book is no exception.

I loved the surprises, the twists and turns, and how broken and human and real the characters are. No one is a type.

I loved how things were allowed to come almost full circle in some respects with this story but still not everything was neatly wrapped up. It had a couple of the super-happy, much longed-for moments the series has led up to, also, which is excellent.

But this one seemed a little more two-dimensional to me, somehow. Maybe I’d just gotten to know the characters well enough that it wasn’t as surprising or shocking? Or maybe it’s just part of the story/series reaching its logical end.

Still, these are excellent, well-written books and I’d recommend them to almost anyone. I’m saddened by how poorly they’ve sold, apparently. Why are so many of the best books not appreciated until too late? (Just like: Why are so many of the greatest TV shows cancelled before they can even get to the best parts?) I’m afraid, in this case, that the reason they haven’t sold all that well is that the target audience doesn’t want to be challenged to step out of their pew, doesn’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable or encouraged to really think things through (that working-out-of-their-faith thing, especially).

Rating: 4.5 stars

Here’s my review of book 2, Unexpected Dismounts, but I urge you to start the series with book 1, The Reluctant Prophet.

About the author
Nancy Rue has written tons of books. I love her blog, The Nudge.

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Unexpected Dismounts by Nancy Rue

Word Lily review

Unexpected Dismounts by Nancy Rue, book 2 in the Reluctant Prophet series (David C. Cook, October 2011), 464 pages

Unexpected Dismounts by Nancy RueSummary
Allison is worried. Stressed. It’s been awhile since she got a Nudge from God, and she feels like everyone is depending on her but she can’t keep all the balls in the air for long. God gave her this mantel of prophet, but now that she’s mid-project she’s wondering if he’s given that task to someone else. She’s also physically reeling from other people’s painful experiences, she’s experiencing these traumas with them. And when she finally does hear something, it doesn’t make much sense and she resists. On top of that, there’s tension in the ranks, and the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been.

I could never bring myself to actually review book one of this series, The Reluctant Prophet (which is only $6 at Amazon right now), but I did at least attempt to convey how meaningful it was to me. I put off reading this one for a little while, because I wanted to spread out the experience, to fully be able to savor Unexpected Dismounts as a separate piece. I think I was also a little afraid that, being book two, it might not live up to the high expectations set by book one. I needn’t have worried.

I read it in just a little over one day, which at 450+ pages, is some feat for me.

Love that I “coincidentally” read it during Lent, since that’s when it’s set. But more than that, I love that she set it during this particularly apt season of the church calendar.

This is one of those books that I don’t feel I can adequately express how much I love it, or how deeply personal and meaningful the reading experience was for me. I relate to Allison on a level, in a way, that I’m not sure I’ve found in a novel before.

I think it works on a broader plain than that, too, though. Even if you don’t relate to Allison in her doubts and fears, her imperfect fallenness and motley assortment of friends and too-close calls, the book (well, series, so far) is well-written and engaging, and the plot moves along nicely. I can’t wait to read book three.

Too Far to Say Far Enough is due out in October 2012.

Rating: 4.75 stars

About the author
Nancy Rue (@NNRue Facebook) lives in Tennessee with her husband, Jim. She has written a lot of books (including YA and MG fiction, and nonfiction), but I just discovered her writing last year.

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I am an Amazon Associate and receive a small commission on sales through my affiliate links.