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Thursday list

A list of randomness today, perhaps?

  1. This month is crazy busy — at least it feels that way to me right now. A’s birthday, two rounds of house guests so far and more to come, Paul‘s birthday, and my party coming up.
  2. Argh, why can I not override that backwards apostrophe in the previous item?
  3. I’m grateful for labels — like introvert — that I can wear unashamedly and that will hopefully help me communicate aspects of who I am with some new friends (who sound like they have no idea what introversion actually is); no, it doesn’t mean I hate people.
  4. I’m grateful for the rain we’ve been getting this week because hopefully it means we’ll avoid the horrible drought we experienced last summer. My sunburn from Monday is even making me less annoyed at all the days of grey and low clouds.
  5. I have books I want to review, but my thoughts are kind of muddy about them (yes, several of them), which is making it hard for me to sit down and actually write reviews. What to say? Do you experience this? How do you handle it?
  6. A’s twelfth tooth has broken through, as of this morning; might this mark an end to the fussy/clinginess? Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to wait until these most recent two teeth are completely through, not just beginning to show themselves.
  7. I’ve completed and posted about three Pins so far, for this month’s Pin It and Do It. Since I signed up for 4-7, I think I’ll likely complete it, yay! (I don’t want to think about when the last time was that I completed a challenge within its given timeframe.)
  8. We (finally) watched Brave last night, and we were basically appalled. I know there’s some difference of opinion on this movie, but even going in with low expectations, I felt it wasn’t worthy of the name Pixar. No transcendence, no magic. Several counts against it, in my book. The best thing about it is Merida’s hair.
  9. I’m kind of stuck on knitting projects. I have been knitting, but I haven’t found a project that pulls me in, that strikes me fancy, that … isn’t boring.
  10. I learned something about myself this month that I probably should have already known. When my routine is disrupted and/or I have guests? I don’t get anything done. I love seeing people, but it takes me awhile to get back on an even keel afterward.
  11. I think winter might finally be over here, finally! Time to switch out the short sleeves for the long sleeves, pack away the snow pants, and maybe — finally — get a garden put in.
  12. I am continually drawn to nonfiction (to buy), but I rarely get around to reading it. Why is that? How do I fix it? Am I alone in this? Although I did just finish one nonfiction book, yay!
  13. Mother’s Day is coming up, and my thoughts about that day, even now that I am a mom, are complicated. Here’s one post I ran across today.

Happy Thursday, friends!