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Readathon mini-challenge: Diagram a sentence!

Welcome, Readathon-ers! I know you’re probably tired, but this will definitely be a change of pace, which is a good thing.

This mini-challenge pulls many fun aspects of a word-filled life together. I love looking at other people’s handwriting, and diagramming sentences was so much nerdy fun in school, wasn’t it? I love the visual representation of how the words of a sentence fit together. And as much as I’m sometimes practically tied to a computer, there’s just something about putting physical pen to physical paper, right? I love the tactile nature of it. Also, this definitely works a different part of your brain, while still being bookish. Win-win!

So, diagram a sentence! Go back to that book you’re reading and open it up. Find a sentence, and diagram it! Go on, embrace that inner grammar nerd.

Once you’re finished, take a photo and post it to your blog. Leave me a comment with the link.

Want an example? Here’s one I did:

(You can click on the photo to view it larger, if need be.)

Or maybe it’s been a while since you practiced this particular skill. No worries, here are a couple refreshers:
from LifestreamCenter
from WikiHow
from About
specifically about adverb clauses
Or, actually, just go to English Grammar Revolution.

If you’re of the anti-diagramming camp, perhaps you should start with this New York Times post?

OK, hop to! Go forth and diagram! (And then come back and post your permalinks.) In three hours, at 7 a.m. Central time, I’ll close this challenge and draw a winner.

Edited to add: This mini-challenge is now closed and a winner has been selected: Anna of The Adventures of a Linguaphile! Congratulations! Thanks so much to everyone for playing along. Hope you had fun.