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First snow and leaps

We had the first significant snow of the year yesterday. It was so much fun to take Asa out in it! Sorry, no pics. We were kind of in a hurry.

I finally bought The Wonder Weeks last night, and then proceeded to read the beginning part and the chapter on the developmental leap we’re now entering (Leap number 6, Wonder Week 37). Asa will be 31 weeks on Saturday, but these leaps are calculated based on gestational age, so he’s 33.5 weeks now, which is when the fussy period for this leap usually starts. We’re right on schedule, except we’ve apparently missed the sunny period beforehand, which usually comes *after* they realize mom can leave them. We’re still not quite over this yet, I don’t think. Maybe this realization is tied more to actual age rather than gestational age? If so, that would explain the overlap of the two for us.

I’ve heard such good things about this book, how it’s helped moms understand and thus deal with the fussy phases that precede / accompany these leaps in neurological function, so I hope it helps us, too. It’s so hard to watch him struggle! So far, the book seems to have described my experience perfectly; I really hope that understanding will translate into a smoother transition for him and a less stressed-out mama. (Maybe I need to read that chapter again, while he’s still down for his nap …)

It’s so much fun to watch new skills emerge! I wonder which ones he’ll pursue first this time. 😀

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